We know that Monday was World Teachers’ Day, but at Virtual High School we are taking the full week to celebrate and honour teachers with a little something we’re calling World Teachers’ Day Week.

Because a single day just doesn’t feel like enough this year. 

Today we’re focusing on the teaching profession, and remembering that it’s called a teaching practice for a reason.

Before writers become writers, they are readers. Before doctors become doctors, they are patients. And yes, before teachers become teachers, they are students. Of course, writers don’t stop reading, doctors too have regular checkups, and learning never stops—not even for teachers.

Today we are passing the mic to teachers themselves and asking them to reflect on their teacherly roots.

We asked VHS teachers who their favourite teacher was and why. Here’s what some of our teachers said.

Sarah Kreick

My high school chemistry teacher was the best. He would do anything to engage students and keep them interested to the point of writing a love song to H2O and growing the largest purple crystal I’ve ever seen. I fell in love with chemistry, studied it in university and now it’s my favourite subject to teach. 

Ed Sommerville

Only ever had one favourite teacher but that was in elementary school. Name of Mr. Fish. Let me out of class every Friday to mail his Weekly Football Pools form (gambling sheet on soccer in UK). Nearest in high school my 6th form English teacher who allowed his advanced class to read the vulgar parts of Chaucer, Robert Burns, and Shakespeare.

Sarah Hemingway

Mr. Craven’s biology class was a conversation; a lively, thought-provoking, and highly entertaining one. My goal as a teacher is to be as approachable and fun as he was. 

Vivien King-Sherwood

Madame Cooper taught me that kindness can be the most effective way to engage students. She made us want to learn French, not for the grades but so we could laugh and explore in another language, together.  

Amanda Bekendam

Mr. O’Donoghue is the reason I fell in love with history. He was able to capture every single person’s attention with the way he spoke about historical events. I became a teacher because of him.

Samantha Gowanlock

Choosing a favourite teacher is nearly impossible for me. I have so many inspirational people in my life who have helped mold me into the teacher that I am today. My Grade 2 teacher inspired a love for art; my Grade 6 teacher, a passion for debate; and my high school teachers, a drive to improve and succeed.

Emily Stutzman

Ms. D and Mr. W brought arts & me to life!

Ann Findlay

Mr Caines was able to connect chemistry to the real world, inspiring me to become a chemistry teacher. Most importantly he was a kind man who reached his students through caring and thoughtfulness.

James Mintz

My favourite  high school teacher was Peter Maule, my English teacher for three years—an excellent teacher, effective sports coach, drama director, and a creative choir conductor. Peter’s dedicated example inspired me to become a teacher.

Dana Letwiniuk

Miss Pinch truly took the time to care about everyone in her Grade 5 class. She made each one of us feel special and like we could take on the world, and guess what—with her teaching us how, we did! She still inspires me to be the teacher I am today and I am forever grateful for having been one of her students.

Ken Stewart

Mr. Delaney was amazing. He taught us more than just how to take a derivative… he taught us about the world around us. He was a fantastic role model.

Lindsey Haines

Mrs. Pucci was my first female physical education teacher and I thought it was just the coolest thing in the world. My mind was made up in Grade 9.

Linda Jones

Ode to Mr. D

His attempts were unique to history,
Mr. D’s approach, perfect for me,
His stories, costumes gave it appeal,
Never lacking strategies, making it real.
The lessons he taught are with me today
He inspired me to follow ‘the teaching way’

Paul Craigen

My journey to becoming a teacher started with my mother, who was my Grade 4 teacher,  in a small town with one school. She was an awesome teacher and is the main reason that I am teacher today. She set a high standard to which I aspire daily.

Pamela Frassinelli

Mr. Smallwood was my favourite high school teacher because of his passion, brilliance, and authenticity. He is the reason I became an educator, and he will forever be my inspiration to strive to truly reach every student.

Leave us a comment below and tell us about your favourite teacher!