Upgrade Courses Now Available

Virtual High School, the largest private online high school in Canada, announced today that it will be offering all 57 of its online courses to students as an upgrade course option.

Typically students would take an upgrade credit course for one of two reasons: (1) they failed the course (with a minimum mark of 35%) and now wish to obtain the credit, or (2) they passed the course but wish to improve their mark in the course.

Only students who meet the following criteria can retake a course as an upgrade course: (1) the course must have been completed previously, (2) the course must have been completed in the past 12 months, and (3) a mark of at least 35% must have been attained.

In the upgrade course, students are responsible for the whole course content again but they will only have to submit one-half of the term evaluations typically submitted by students taking the course for the first time. Students will also have to write a final exam on all of the course content.

For more information regarding the upgrade course, please visit the Upgrade Courses page or email the Registrar, Patricia Baker (Registrar@VirtualHighSchool.com).