Some might refer to it as summer school, but taking summer courses with VHS is no different from studying with us at any other time of the year. Since VHS offers ongoing enrollment and self-paced courses, students decide when to enroll and how they complete their courses – whether that be during the summer, after work, or as a full-time commitment.  Once students enroll, they have 18 months in which to complete their course(s), AND they also have the option to choose how quickly to move through their studies. In other words, school fits students’ schedules, making VHS an ideal way to upgrade marks or earn additional OSSD credits during the summer.

What are the benefits of taking a summer course?

  1. To repeat a course and upgrade marks for post-secondary applications. Learn more about upgrade courses.
  2. To repeat a failed course in order to earn the credit.
  3. To free up the timetable for next year by taking a course the day school does not offer or taking a course out of interest.
  4. To reach ahead from elementary school to high school.

Our courses follow the Ontario Curriculum and we are inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Upon successful completion of a course, the student is granted an Ontario Secondary School Diploma credit. VHS will send the report to the student’s high school where the course will be added to the student’s ongoing transcript. We can also inform OUAC, OCAS, or your post-secondary institution that you’re taking the course with us – just ask us to!

Watch this video to learn more about how Virtual High School works:

All courses now also include access to FREE online tutoring!

If you have any questions, we’d be happy to hear from you – contact us!