INDEPENDENTVirtual Elementary School is Virtual High School’s sister school and offers online elementary level courses to students living anywhere in the world. 

A common question that Virtual Elementary School (VES) receives is “How can my family use VES in our homeschooling plan?” The short answer is that VES is similar to using a textbook to learn the curriculum, but it is much more interactive and engaging than traditional approaches to text-based courses. VES courses follow the Ontario curricula and are available to students living anywhere in the world. Students can start on any day of the year and move through courses entirely at their own pace. At Virtual Elementary School, families have a choice between the Facilitated or Independent option in each course.


Some families choose to complete one course in the Facilitated pathway and other courses in the Independent pathway. VES is entirely flexible in this regard. Both pathways fit in well with the homeschooling environment. Students work through courses online by reading lessons, completing practice interactive activities, watching videos, and completing quizzes and assignments. If the Facilitated pathway is chosen, the student can email the teacher at any time and will receive a response within a day. Homeschooling using VES courses is quite similar to traditional homeschooling, with the main points of difference being that students use an online course to learn the curriculum, as opposed to, say, a textbook. VES students may be supplied with a teacher in the Facilitated approach as a means of bridging the gap between conventional studies in a school and homeschooling.

The majority of VES students are, in fact, in homeschool settings. Including VES in their homeschooling plan allows families many benefits, some of which include

  • assurance that students are following the Ontario Ministry of Education curricula,
  • certified teacher (if the Facilitated route is chosen) to answer questions, provide feedback, and grade work,
  • an interactive, online environment to teach their children digital skills,
  • the flexibility for students  to work at their own pace in their own environments,
  • an opportunity for students to organize their own work and begin to learn the valuable skill of time management, and
  • the freedom to continue studies in music or additional practice in sports, for example.

Our video below provides an overview of the VES experience. You are also welcome to visit our demo course where we present a preview of our learning environment and courses. 

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