To help inform our students about exciting post-secondary options, VHS hosted several live, online info sessions this fall with representatives from universities and colleges across Ontario. If you are interested in learning more about any of the post-secondary institutions below, be sure to watch the recorded info session and comment with any questions or feedback you may have.


University of Waterloo

Completed: September 24th  

Watch Here: 

About the University of Waterloo: For decades, the University of Waterloo has been a top academic institution in Canada. From quantum computing and nanotechnology to clinical psychology, engineering and health sciences research, ideas that change the world are at the heart of UWaterloo. Being at the forefront of  innovation, research, and entrepreneurship has propelled UWaterloo to become recognized as the second best overall university in the country according to Maclean’s. UWaterloo’s main campus is located in Waterloo, with additional campuses in nearby Kitchener and Stratford.   

Humber College

Completed: November 5th 

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About Humber College: Humber College emphasizes hands-on, career-focused learning and offers a broad spectrum of programs in the areas of business, applied technology, media studies, health sciences, and liberal arts. Humber has a vibrant campus life and leading-edge facilities for students to enjoy. The main campus is located in northwestern Toronto with additional campuses in Etobicoke and Orangeville.  

University of Windsor

Completed: November 13th 

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About the University of Windsor: The University of Windsor is a comprehensive, student-focused university with 190 undergraduate programs in the areas of law, business, engineering, education, nursing, human kinetics, and social work. UWindsor follows a strategic plan that emphasizes five key priorities impacting students. These include providing an exceptional undergraduate experience, pursuing strengths in research and graduate education, recruiting and retaining the best faculty and staff, engaging and building the community through partnerships, and promoting international engagement. The UWindsor campus is located in downtown Windsor overlooking the Detroit River waterfront. 

Seneca College

Completed: November 14th 

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About Seneca College: Seneca College believes in creating great student opportunities and enriching learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Its focus on work-integrated learning programs ensures that students experience field-placement opportunities, which provide advantages when continuing education or entering the workforce. Seneca offers more than 150 full-time programs in areas such as business, manufacturing, engineering, media and communications, science, aviation, and law. Seneca has several campuses located throughout the Greater Toronto Area as well as in Newmarket and Peterborough.   

Laurentian University 

Completed: November 15th 

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About Laurentian University: Laurentian University focuses on providing advanced learning with smaller class sizes and opportunities to conduct valuable research alongside professors. There are dozens of programs available in the areas of health, management, education, science, engineering, architecture, and the arts. Laurentian also has a strong focus on bilingualism with many programs offered in French. The main campus is located in a scenic area of Sudbury with a second campus located in Barrie.

Brock University 

Completed: November 20th 

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About Brock University: Brock University aims to provide students with cutting-edge programs, modern facilities, amazing student experiences, and experiential and creative learning opportunities. It also aims to support the financial needs of students by providing guaranteed scholarships for incoming students who have a minimum admission average of 80%. Brock offers programs in the areas of health sciences, education, business, mathematics, humanities, and fine and performing arts. The main campus is located in St. Catharines with a second campus in Hamilton.

Conestoga College

Completed: November 22nd

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About Conestoga College: Conestoga College is a leader in polytechnic education delivering a full range of career-focused education, training, and applied research programs. There are over 200 programs offered in the areas of engineering, information technology, health sciences, communications, media, design, business, culinary arts, and trades and apprenticeships. Conestoga’s main campus is located in Kitchener with additional campuses in the surrounding areas of Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Brantford, Stratford, and Ingersoll.

Trent University

Completed: November 26th

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About Trent University: Trent University is a nationally recognized institution for research, student satisfaction, and leadership in teaching. Maclean’s named it the #1 undergraduate university in Ontario and the #1 university in Canada for scholarships and bursaries. Trent specializes in the areas of nursing, business, education, environmental studies, Indigenous studies, and Canadian studies. The main campus is located north of Peterborough on the Otonabee River with additional campuses in downtown Peterborough and Oshawa.  

Ryerson University 

Completed: November 28th

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About Ryerson University: Ryerson University is currently recognized as a leading institution for research and innovation. It maintains a strong commitment to entrepreneurial development and offers programs in the areas of management, business, engineering, architectural science, communications, design, science, community services, and the arts. Ryerson’s campus is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, which allows students opportunities for hands-on experience in a variety of industries.

University of Ottawa 

Completed: November 30th

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About the University of Ottawa: The University of Ottawa is known for its world-class education, academic excellence and flexible learning that lets you create your own academic path with made-to-measure undergraduate degrees. Students are encouraged to think outside the box and defy the conventional. uOttawa offers programs in many areas including engineering, education, law, management, medicine, health sciences, social sciences, and the arts. Many of these programs are offered in French Immersion. The uOttawa campus is located in downtown Ottawa.  

Lambton College

Completed: December 6th

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About Lambton College: Lambton College prides itself on being a forward-thinking institution that emphasizes career preparation, applied research, local social projects, and the exploration of new industries. Choose from over 70 full-time options including Fire Science Technology, Culinary Management, Child & Youth Care, Cosmetology, Police Foundations, Sports & Recreation, Web Design, and the brand new Esports Entrepreneurship program. Lambton’s main campus is located in Sarnia, with small secondary campuses in Mississauga, Toronto, and China. 

Athabasca University

Date: January 25th @ 10:30 a.m.

Watch here: 

About Athabasca University: Athabasca University, Canada’s Open University, is dedicated to the removal of barriers that restrict access to and success in university-level study and to increasing equality of educational opportunity for adult learners worldwide. Athabasca U specializes in distance education and offers over 850 online courses. They are most popular among students pursuing continuing education and professional development in their field of work. Choose from various graduate and undergraduate programs in areas like commerce, science, nursing, finance, management, professional arts, health administration, and human resources.   


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