Virtual Elementary School (VES) has launched a new website! Our team has worked hard to develop a new and improved website for our elementary school division. We invite you to visit the site at www.virtualelementaryschool.com.

We’ve also added a new feature at VES for parents of our students. Parents will be given their own logins through which they can review their children’s learning while these students complete their course(s). Parents will be able to use their logins to view their children’s progress and course content, and will be given their own email account which they can use to communicate directly with their children’s teachers. At VES, we believe that parental involvement in their children’s education is crucial, and for that reason we have developed this parent login for our families. The separate login allows students to maintain their sense of autonomy in their learning, while ensuring that  parents are still able to contribute to their children’s educational journeys.

For a limited time, VES courses will be available at lower rates. The tuition fee for each course has been reduced by $50. Independent courses are now $99 and Facilitated courses, $399. Independent courses are parent or learning coach-led, while the Facilitated courses provide students with certified teachers to guide them through the courses online via the learning environment. Learn more about the different pathways here: pathways.

This website also features a new video that explains how VES works, what the life of a student might look like, and why VES is an excellent option for all students. Watch the video below, and visit the new website at www.virtualelementaryschool.com.