Virtual High School, the largest private online high school in Canada, announced today that it will be offering all 57 of its online courses to students during the summer, making it very convenient for the student.

Graduating high school students often attend summer school to improve a mark in a credit required to meet the entrance requirements of their destination post-secondary institution. VHS will communicate with and inform the university or college immediately upon the student registering into the course. VHS will also send them a copy of the student’s midterm report card as well as the final report card and transcript. VHS has established a great relationship with the universities over the years. For students who fall a little short of the university entrance requirements, the universities are actually recommending to these students that they consider VHS as an option to improve their grade in the course.

Any student may attend summer school in order to complete one or more OSSD credits that they have never taken before. Students would do this to open a little free-time in next year’s timetable, or to avoid a timetable conflict next year. When the student finishes the course, VHS will send a copy of your final report card and transcript to your home-school, where they will simply add it to your ongoing record of courses completed.

Summer school may also be used by students needing to pickup a dropped credit required for graduation.

Finally, students who have completed Grade 8 may opt to take one or more summer school courses to begin the process of fast-tracking through high school.

Most students, except those taking a grade 9 course, will need an official transcript or final report card to prove that they have the necessary prerequisites for the course they wish to take during summer school. The student is advised to obtain a copy of these documents before their current high school closes for the summer.

For more information regarding summer school, please visit the Summer School page or email the Registrar, Patricia Baker (Registrar@VirtualHighSchool.com).