hzb3o_screenshot_lrg‘Philosophy: The Big Questions’ as a course title is fairly self-explanatory, as it examines and provides insight into some of the most important philosophical questions a person can explore, including: What is human knowledge? What is a person? What are good and evil? What is a just society? and What is a meaningful life? among many others. The course explores these great questions by examining them through the viewpoints of a diverse variety of philosophical schools of thought, as well as by investigating some of the specific views of the philosophical giants who shaped them, from ancient to contemporary times.

By exploring several varied outlooks on each of the issues, the course actively encourages students to think critically, form their own opinions regarding the potential answers to these questions, and express abstract ideas and arguments in a distinct, well-crafted, and rational manner. As such, Philosophy: The Big Questions is an excellent introduction for anyone who feels they may be interested in commencing their study of philosophy.