Welcome to the P.A.!

How do you hear about news at your home school? Typically a P.A. system, website, or related communication channel, right? Every high school has a P.A. system, and Virtual High School (VHS) is proudly launching its own P.A. – Virtual High School’s blog!  With the P.A. we’ll publish news, feature items on students, teachers, and staff, and other helpful information about Virtual High School. The P.A. is especially dedicated for our students and anyone  interested in online education. Welcome to this great new addition to our website. We hope that you enjoy it. Now, read on to find out more about the P.A.!

What’s On?

As in any other school, our P.A.contains a great diversity of “announcements” – everything from student spotlights and teacher bios, to study tips, school news, and more. Each month,  a different student from VHS will be featured in a post which provides a little background on the student and his or her successes at school and elsewhere. We’ve already already posted some of our student spotlights!  Check out the posts about Yuichiro, Emrald, and Dabirichi, the three students featured in our first blogs.

We’ll feature teacher spotlights, too.  Our over 120 teachers from around Ontario and the world lead  extraordinary lives, and what student isn’t even at least a little intrigued about the person on the other end of the learning management system?  The teacher in this month’s spotlight is Ms. Tricia Bain, a teacher in VHS’s Canadian and World Studies department.

But these posts are just the beginning. Look for cool articles on topics such as “The Link Between Lego and Organic Chemistry,” or posts about careers, college and university applications, resume building, We’ll even feature tips on video and photo editing. All of this will be “broadcast” from the P.A., and you’re both audience and commentator, so tune in often!

Tuning In

mouse-pointer-297595_640Getting around the P.A. is easy.  Use any page on the website by clicking Blog on the menu bar.  Once you are on the P.A.’s front page, you’ll enjoy the layout and the news.  Every post will name the author and the category of the post. You’ll also see any tags that have been attached to the posts.  Clicking on the category or tags will return a list of posts about those topics.

The P.A. has its own menu bar, too – right below our heads up logo.  From this menu bar you can search the P.A., navigate to the home page by selecting All Posts, view popular topics, and share blog posts via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Your Turn

disqusBut we’d like to hear what you think about Virtual High School  through the discussion area at the bottom of each post. Hearing from you is going to be the best part of the blog!

Comments will be easy to read and organize, will look great, and will be fun to participate in.  At the bottom of every post is a discussion section.  If no one has commented yet, you’ll see a message saying, “Start the discussion.”  We hope you do.

You’ll need to log in to participate, and we make this really simple.  Log in using your Facebook or Twitter account. Just click Login to start.

Just so you know, we carefully review the blogs before they are published.  You might not see your comments right away as they are being reviewed by our blog editor.  And if you are on a commenting spree at 2:00 in the morning?  Well, you’d better sleep on it, and we will get it posted as soon as we can!

On the Home Page


The VHS homepage is going to look a little different too as the P.A. is launched. There won’t be any major layout changes – we’re pretty happy with it the way it is, but you will see changes to the Spotlight and News sections.

The student and teacher spotlights on the home page are now always going to be fresh since they’re coming right from the blog.  When you see a new spotlight on the homepage, click on it to see what it’s all about.

The news feed on the homepage will be updated by the blog, so students and parents should keep an eye on that news feed which will contain  important posts about our school, university applications, report cards, and other stuff that is going to help you be successful and informed at VHS!

Remember the P.A.’s on every page on the website. Just navigate to the Blog from the menu bar.

Broadcasting on the P.A.

15994-a-female-student-reading-a-book-pvVirtual High School has  35 administrative and academic staff working at our offices in Bayfield, Ontario. We also have over 120 teachers working remotely.  Many of these staff members will be contributing to the blog in one way or another and producing posts about the things they care about.

But that’s not enough! We want to hear from you. We really hope that all students at Virtual High School will consider using the P.A. to make themselves heard.  If you’ve just written a really great poem or short story, we can help you publish it, and remember, most creative writing begins online these days and not in old-fashioned publishing houses. Your work could open up a world of opportunities for you.

Or maybe a sports team you’re on has just won a tournament or a league championship. Your peers are going to want to hear about it. You’ve gone from being an audience member to a broadcaster on your P.A.!  Remember, the P.A. is here for you.  Email our editor, Jackie.Loebach@virtualhighschool.com. She’ll help you get your ideas out to your audience.


We at Virtual High School are proudly launching the P.A.!  We hope you enjoy this new, interactive communication tool as observer or participant, or better, both!  Feel free leave your comments in the discussion below. This is our inaugural post, so we’re “on air” and broadcasting.