The persuasive essay, the lab report, the informative presentation – all of these tasks involve putting forth your ideas in efforts to convince others or to reveal what you’ve found in your research. In all cases, whether in your science, music, history, English or other courses, the support you gather, that is, the information you find to add credibility to your ideas, must be acknowledged.

You’ll need to know what VHS considers to be cheating and plagiarism, but more importantly, you’ll want learn the key research, planning, and referencing skills that will help you in your courses. To address the complex topic of Academic Honesty, we have put together a series of 14 videos outlining how you can take an effective approach to coursework and how you can succeed in all of your academic pursuits.

To begin, what is Academic Honesty, and why is it important?

Students at Virtual High School…

  • Complete their own work to develop key skills that will ensure their future success
  • Recognize that their unique ideas and approaches to problem-solving are their biggest asset
  • Know that making mistakes is an important part of the learning process and that short-cuts should be avoided
  • Review and practise before writing major assignments, quizzes, tests, and exams to ensure that they have prepared properly
  • Participate in their classes by interacting with peers on the Discussion Board and by communicating with their teachers

Students at Virtual High School are honest in their academic pursuits by. . .

  • Citing others’ ideas and others’ writing through proper referencing
  • Not copying others’ work or accepting others’ help during quizzes, tests, or exams
  • Not submitting others’ work as their own
  • Accurately reporting research and progress to all stakeholders including teachers, administration, and parents

Now you have a basic introduction to what we consider Academic Honesty at Virtual High School and what you can do to ensure that you demonstrate this crucial quality. 

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