cv-allIt’s October, and most students are well into their new school year. For graduating students, it’s time to start thinking about life after high school. What career is right for you? Will you further your education in a post-secondary institution, begin an apprenticeship, take a year off school, or jump right into the workforce? These are big decisions that every graduating student must consider carefully. Although it may seem as if you are under pressure to decide on the course the rest of your life will take, don’t fret! Many tools and services are available, and they’ve been especially designed to help you through this stage in your life. 

Step 1: Career Cruising

Career Cruising is a program designed to help students achieve their potential in school, careers, and life.  Career Cruising offers age-appropriate career development assessments, planners, and other resources that offer realistic solutions and approaches to answering students’ questions. Students can explore careers, investigate post-secondary institutions across North America, build their resumes, and search for jobs, among many other things!

Students with Ontario Student Records hosted at Virtual High School are eligible for personal Career Cruising accounts where they can explore the assessments, schools, and careers that interest them. VHS can enter a student’s completed courses and current courses in the system.  This will allow students to view different post-secondary institutions and determine if they have the prerequisites necessary for the program. Contact our guidance team for more information. 

Career Cruising is a great place where all students can begin searching for a career, regardless of the grade they are currently in!

Step 2: eINFO and College Program Search


eINFO is the most up-to-date place to start looking at universities and programs.  eINFO is a service provided by the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC). With this service students can find and compare programs, determine prerequisites and admission requirements for Ontario’s universities, and find information about residences and meal plans, scholarships, and upcoming campus tours. eINFO is the only resource that is updated directly by Ontario universities.

Universities make changes to their data throughout the year, so keep up-to-date by checking eINFO regularly.

Visit www.electronicinfo.ca to learn more.

Found a university that you’re interested in? Check out the University Information Program to see when a representative is coming to a location near you!

College Program Search

The Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) offers a similar search program for Ontario’s 26 colleges. In using this system, students enter keywords and other search criteria to explore programs’ availability, lengths, and start dates. 

We wish our graduating students all the best in their post-secondary school journeys!