Mrs. Uma Gnanaharan is a math teacher at Virtual High School (VHS). She graduated from the University of Victoria with her B.Sc. in mathematics in 2002 and has been teaching mathematics for more than 12 years. She has taught in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.  Mrs. Gnanaharan joined the VHS team in 2003 and began by teaching one math course. Today she teaches MPM1D, MPM2D, MCR3U, MCF3M, MHF4U and MCV4U. Mrs. Gnanaharan has also written three math courses for VHS.

Mrs. Uma Gnanaharan

At the University of Victoria, Mrs. Gnanaharan developed secondary and college level computer science programming instructional units for use in upper school levels in Central America and China. She feels that online students should be self-motivated and self-disciplined, able to use the technology properly, and capable of thinking critically.

Mrs. Gnanaharan says that working at VHS is her dream job. She enjoys being able to work from anywhere, at any time, while meeting students from all over the world. The flexibility also allows her to care for her young children, Nirja and Yubhashna, while teaching.

Mrs. Gnanaharan loves to travel! So far, she has traveled to Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, and the UK. She also took a road trip from Victoria, British Columbia to Toronto, Ontario. Doing so allowed her to see most of Canada. Mrs. Gnanaharan was born in the eastern part of Sri Lanka in a city called Batticalo and moved to Canada when she was 16 years old.  Her first language is Tamil. Because her daughter is in French Immersion classes, Mrs. Gnanaharan is also learning French! Mrs. Gnanaharan loves gardening, cooking, and learning new things. As an online educator, she tries to keep up with the rapid changes in technology.

Mrs. Gnanaharan also runs a tutoring service for elementary, secondary, and first-year university math students. Learn more about this service at her website: www.thesmartacademy.ca.

Mrs. Gnanaharan is a tremendously successful teacher and a great member of the math team here at Virtual High School. She always exceeds our expectations when it comes to helping students, and her input on our courses is valued highly by everyone. Thank you, Mrs. Gnanaharan!