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The John Smallwood Bursary Program is the vision of John Smallwood, who has been a teacher and writer with Virtual High School since 1996. John represents all that is desirable in an effective educator as he is committed to his students. This bursary ensures that VHS enrollments are accessible to a wide socio-economic range of students.


The John Smallwood Bursary is awarded on the basis of a student's financial needs. This Bursary Program goes beyond simply helping a student with tuition fees because the plan actually engages with the student and his or her family regularly throughout the time that the student is enrolled with Virtual High School. We hope that even after the student has earned the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, contact will be maintained in order to ensure that this bursary has been helpful in maximizing the recipients' chances of academic and life success.


The goal of the John Smallwood Bursary Program is to provide enrollment subsidies to economically disadvantaged students by ensuring that they have access to high-quality online education as they work to achieve their academic goals

Application Form

Potential Questions

How do I apply?

Click on the link to the application form, fill it in, sign, and email a scanned copy to Awards@VirtualHighSchool.com. You may also choose to submit your application by fax, or by mail:

FAX: 519-565-4100
MAIL: 27 Main Street North
Box 402
Bayfield ON N0M 1G0

Who is eligible to apply?

The purpose of this bursary is to provide monetary support for Canadian students of any age, enabling them to enroll in Virtual High School. The extent of financial need will be a primary factor in choosing the award winner.

Students may receive this bursary once per calendar year. Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply each application period.

How important are previous marks?

While financial need is the primary concern in selecting recipients of the bursary, applicants should also have achieved passing grades in previously studied subjects.

How much are the bursaries worth?

Students granted a bursary will receive full-tuition to one VHS course. This bursary is non-transferable, and successful applicants must utilize the bursary within 90 days from the date of issuance.

How often will these awards be granted?

One bursary will be granted six times per year. These will be issued during the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November. VHS must receive the application form and all other required documents via fax, mail, or email by the 15th of the month in which the bursary will be granted. All applicants will be notified on, or before the 25th of the month of issue as to whether or not they have been chosen to receive the bursary for that application period.

What else will I be required to submit?

In order for the applications to be considered complete, students will be required to submit the most recent copy of a high school transcript. If students do not have a transcript because they have been home schooled or due to other circumstances, they may send an updated report of their academic progress. Applicants will also be required to submit proof of last year's gross annual income for their parents/guardians, and themselves (ex. T4).

How do you decide who gets the awards?

The Awards Selection Committee will meet after the 15th of the month of issue to assess the applications received during that submission period. Recipients will be chosen based primarily on the extent of their financial need. Once the recipient has been determined, the successful applicant will be contacted by email before the 25th of the month.

Who funds the bursary?

Virtual High School and its teachers have initiated the bursary program; however, any person may contact VHS to make a contribution to the program. Any donations made will be acknowledged publicly at the VHS website and on social media if donors desire such recognition.

Please contact Awards@VirtualHighSchool.com for further details.

Will the information collected remain private?

All information collected for the John Smallwood Bursary Program is considered CONFIDENTIAL. The Bursary Selection Committee will be composed of VHS staff who will treat all submitted information in a professional and confidential manner. Results will be released only to the recipient. With the written consent of the student, the information may also be used to promote the Bursary Program at Virtual High School.