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Bayfield Design

Virtual High School's sister company, Bayfield Design, provides online content development services for your K-12, corporate, or custom needs.

K-12 Learning

Bayfield Design evolved out of considerable experience writing and developing courses for both VHS and Virtual Elementary School. The two schools combined offer more than 100 courses aligned to the Ontario curriculum. With over 50,000 course enrolments to date, our innovative approach to building online courses has proven successful. We have also worked with organizations internationally to build K-12 content across subject areas, mapping and working with curricula such as the Common Core State Standards.

  • Using storybooks to teach math to elementary students

  • Excerpt from a Grade 3 math lesson on addition strategies

  • Step-by-step example box from a Grade 3 math course

  • Excerpt from a lesson on design and colour from a Grade 9 business course

  • Video from a Grade 9 geography course

  • Explanatory graphics from a Grade 9 geography course

Corporate Learning

We create quality content that serves as a flexible, cost-efficient solution to training at the corporate level. Bayfield Design has built a range of courses, from safety training to professional development resources, to suit the needs of clients. In short, we craft interactive, engaging content to save you time and maximize your training budget.

  • Excerpt from a lesson about writing a business report

  • Example of an online corporate learning test

  • Excerpt from a lesson about writing a proper memorandum

  • Interactive quiz about privacy and security

Custom Solutions

Whether it's a custom course, a series of videos, an interactive, assessments, or a single lesson, we will build a learning solution that works for you. Bayfield Design can work with your school or company to provide innovative solutions to assist with the adoption or expansion of online or blended learning opportunities. We specialize in writing and developing solutions tailored to the specific needs of your students or employees. Discover how we can bring your eLearning program to life!

  • Interactive element built for a Grade 3 math course

  • Micro-learning opportunity created for the Globe and Mail

  • Infographic explaining successful presentation tactics

About Bayfield Design

Bayfield Design was created out of the experience of Virtual High School as an online school and content developer. Bayfield Design offers a wide range of services from building entire suites of courses to developing individual solutions for online learning. To date, we have written, designed, and developed over 200 online courses and learning products. With vast experience in pedagogy and instructional design for online learners of all ages, Bayfield Design draws from a well-rounded background in education, project work, and custom development solutions.

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