To Register

In the chart below, find the course in which you wish to enrol. Select the "Register" link at the end of the row.

Registering for More Than One Course: Enrol for more than one course by selecting one from this table. You will be able to select more courses later in the registration process.


A prerequisite course provides knowledge required for a subsequent course. Before you register, check the information in the table below to determine whether a prerequisite course is required. You are required to provide VHS with evidence that you have completed the prerequisite course by sending a copy of your report card, transcript, or credit counselling summary sheet to Prerequisite@VirtualHighSchool.com. Please be advised that we cannot accept Completion of Requirements documents (page 3 of the report card), or screenshots of an online portal (OUAC/OCAS, myBlueprint, Career Cruising) as prerequisite evidence.

If you do not have the required prerequisite but have completed an equivalent course outside of Ontario, are a mature student, or have higher-level education, you may be eligible for a prerequisite waiver. If this applies to you, please submit the completed Prerequisite Waiver Application form to your guidance coordinator prior to registration.

Upgrade Course

If you are repeating a course to attempt a higher grade, you may take an upgrade course. An upgrade course covers all curriculum requirements but has a reduced assessment load. These courses count towards the students' OSSDs the same as all other VHS courses. Eligible students must have completed the same course within the past 12 months and earned a passing grade (at least 50%). Available upgrade courses for each grade level are listed in the chart below.

International Students

At VHS, students are considered international students if they are neither Canadian citizens nor permanently residing in Canada. The fee for international students is the tuition fee listed in the table below + $100. If you are registering from an address outside of Canada and are (1) a Canadian Citizen, (2) have a permanent residence in Canada, or (3) are attending a Canadian International School that studies the Ontario curriculum, please be sure to contact our office before proceeding to register to ensure the appropriate course fee is applied.


The Fine Print at the bottom of this page outlines our policies regarding tuition refunds, course transfers, course enrolment, prerequisites, and confidentiality.

All Courses Are Available for Enrolment

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Grade 9 Regular Courses Prerequisite
Tuition Fee (CAD) Click to
ALC1O/2O Integrated Arts, 9/10, Open - $479 Register
BBI1O/2O Introduction to Business, 9/10, Open - $479 Register
BTT1O/2O Information and Communication Technology in Business, 9/10, Open - $479 Register
CGC1D Issues in Canadian Geography, 9, Academic - $479 Register
ENG1D English, 9, Academic - $479 Register
ENG1P English, 9, Applied - $479 Register
FSF1D Core French, 9, Academic 1 $479 Register
FSF1P Core French, 9, Applied 1 $479 Register
MPM1D Principles of Mathematics, 9, Academic - $479 Register
MFM1P Foundations of Mathematics, 9, Applied - $479 Register
MPM1H Mathematics Transfer Course, 9, Applied to Academic MFM1P $399 Register
PPL1O Healthy Active Living, 9, Open - $479 Register
SNC1D Science, 9, Academic - $479 Register
SNC1P Science, 9, Applied - $479 Register
Grade 10 Regular Courses Prerequisite
Tuition Fee (CAD) Click to
ALC1O/2O Integrated Arts, 9/10, Open - $479 Register
BBI1O/2O Introduction to Business, 9/10, Open - $479 Register
BTT1O/2O Information and Communication Technology in Business, 9/10, Open - $479 Register
CHC2D Canadian History Since World War I, 10, Academic - $479 Register
CHC2P Canadian History Since World War I, 10, Applied - $479 Register
CHV2O Civics and Citizenship, 10, Open - $399 Register
ENG2D English, 10, Academic ENG1D
$479 Register
ENG2P English, 10, Applied ENG1D
$479 Register
ESLBO English as a Second Language, Level 2 ESLAO $479 Register
GLC2O Career Studies, 10, Open - $399 Register
MPM2D Principles of Mathematics, 10, Academic MPM1D
$479 Register
MFM2P Foundations of Mathematics, 10, Applied MPM1D
$479 Register
SNC2D Science, 10, Academic SNC1D
$479 Register
Grade 11 Regular Courses Prerequisite
Tuition Fee (CAD) Click to
AMU3M Music, 11, University or College AMU1O
$579 Register
BAF3M Financial Accounting Fundamentals, 11, University or College - $579 Register
CHA3U American History, 11, University CHC2D
$579 Register
CHW3M World History to the End of the Fifteenth Century, 11, University or College CHC2D
$579 Register
EMS3O Media Studies, 11, Open ENG2D
$579 Register
ENG3U English, 11, University ENG2D $579 Register
ENG3C English, 11, College ENG2P $579 Register
GWL3O Designing Your Future, 11, Open - $579 Register
HZB3M Philosophy: The Big Questions, 11, University or College - $579 Register
ICS3U Introduction to Computer Science, 11, University - $579 Register
MCR3U Functions, 11, University MPM2D $579 Register
MCF3M Functions and Applications, 11, University or College MPM2D
$579 Register
MBF3C Foundations for College Mathematics, 11, College MFM2P $579 Register
PPZ3C Health for Life, 11, College - $579 Register
SBI3U Biology, 11, University SNC2D $579 Register
SCH3U Chemistry, 11, University SNC2D $579 Register
SPH3U Physics, 11, University SNC2D $579 Register
Grade 11 Upgrade Courses Prerequisite
Tuition Fee (CAD) Click to
ENG3U English, 11, University, (Upgrade Course) ENG3U 2 $579 Register
MCR3U Functions, 11, University, (Upgrade Course) MCR3U 2 $579 Register
SBI3U Biology, 11, University, (Upgrade Course) SBI3U 2 $579 Register
SCH3U Chemistry, 11, University, (Upgrade Course) SCH3U 2 $579 Register
SPH3U Physics, 11, University, (Upgrade Course) SPH3U 2 $579 Register
Grade 12 Regular Courses Prerequisite
Tuition Fee (CAD) Click to
ADA4M Drama, 12, University or College ADA3M $579 Register
AMU4M Music, 12, University or College AMU3M $579 Register
BBB4M International Business Fundamentals, 12, University or College - $579 Register
CGW4U World Issues: A Geographic Analysis, 12, University 3 $579 Register
CHI4U Canada: History, Identity and Culture, 12, University 3 $579 Register
CHY4U World History since the Fifteenth Century, 12, University 3 $579 Register
CIA4U Analysing Current Economic Issues, 12, University 3 $579 Register
CPW4U Canadian and International Politics, 12, University 3 $579 Register
ENG4U English, 12, University ENG3U $579 Register
ENG4C English, 12, College ENG3C $579 Register
ETS4U Studies in Literature, 12, University ENG3U $579 Register
EWC4U The Writer's Craft, 12, University ENG3U $579 Register
FSF4U Core French, 12, University FSF3U $579 Register
HFA4U Nutrition and Health, 12, University 3 $579 Register
HHS4C Families in Canada, 12, College 4 $579 Register
HHS4U Families in Canada, 12, University 3 $579 Register
HSB4U Challenge and Change in Society, 12, University 3 $579 Register
HZT4U Philosophy: Questions and Theories, 12, University 3 $579 Register
ICS4U Computer Science, 12, University ICS3U $579 Register
IDC4U Interdisciplinary Studies, Data Science, 12, University 7 $579 Register
MAP4C Foundations for College Mathematics, 12, College MBF3C
$579 Register
MCT4C Mathematics for College Technology, 12, College MCR3U
$579 Register
MCV4U Calculus and Vectors, 12, University MHF4U 5 $579 Register
MDM4U Mathematics of Data Management, 12, University MCR3U
$579 Register
MHF4U Advanced Functions, 12, University MCR3U
$579 Register
OLC4O Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course, 12, Open 6 $579 Register
PSK4U Introduction to Kinesiology, 12, University 8 $579 Register
SBI4U Biology, 12, University SBI3U $579 Register
SCH4U Chemistry, 12, University SCH3U $579 Register
SNC4M Science, 12, University or College SNC2D9 $579 Register
SPH4C Physics, 12, College SNC2D
$579 Register
SPH4U Physics, 12, University SPH3U $579 Register
Grade 12 Upgrade Courses Prerequisite
Tuition Fee (CAD) Click to
ENG4U English, 12, University, (Upgrade Course) ENG4U 2 $579 Register
MCV4U Calculus and Vectors, 12, University (Upgrade Course) MCV4U 2 $579 Register
MDM4U Mathematics for Data Management, 12, University, (Upgrade Course) MDM4U 2 $579 Register
MHF4U Advanced Functions, 12, University (Upgrade Course) MHF4U 2 $579 Register
SBI4U Biology, 12, University (Upgrade Course) SBI4U 2 $579 Register
SCH4U Chemistry, 12, University (Upgrade Course) SCH4U 2 $579 Register
SPH4U Physics, 12, University (Upgrade Course) SPH4U 2 $579 Register

1 Minimum of 600 hours of French instruction, or equivalent.
2 To take the course as an upgrade course, the student must have completed the course in the past 12 months and received a mark of at least 50%. Following registration, the student should send evidence of prior successful completion of the course being upgraded.
3 Any university (U) or university/college (M) preparation course in social sciences and humanities, English, or Canadian and world studies.
4 Any university (U), college (C), or university/college (M) preparation course in social sciences and humanities, English, or Canadian and world studies.
5 MHF4U may be taken concurrently with MCV4U.
6 Students who have been eligible to write the OSSLT at least twice and who have been unsuccessful at least once are eligible to take the course. Students who have already met the literacy requirement for graduation may be eligible to take the course under special circumstances, at the discretion of the principal.
7 Any university (U) or university/college (M) preparation course.
8 Any Grade 11 university (U) or university/college (M) preparation course in science, or any Grade 11 or 12 course in health and physical education.
9 Grade 10 Science, Academic, or any Grade 11 university (U), university/college (M), or college (C) preparation course in the science curriculum.

The Fine Print

Refund Policy: Virtual High School does not issue refunds. Within hours of enrolment, our administration undertakes many tasks including activating the student account, completing the enrolment, contracting the teacher, establishing electronic/physical files, tracking the enrolment for Ministry purposes, etc. Even if the student does not begin the course, the preliminary work in our office will be completed.

Course Transfer Policy: A student has the option to transfer from one course to another at any time within the 18-month completion deadline.* If a student transfers into a new course, the 18-month deadline will not refresh. The student will be required to complete the new course within the original 18-month deadline, based on the enrolment date of the original course. If a student requests a transfer, an administrative fee will apply.

*Transfers will not be available to a student who has completed more than three assessments or to a student who has extended the course past the initial 18 month deadline.

Student Enrolment Policy: There is no set schedule for a student to follow, nor are there due dates for completing assignments. The student may start their course within 24 hours of registration and move through it at their own pace (Note: registrations that occur on holidays will be enrolled on the next day). The only restriction is that the course must be completed within 18 months of enrolment. A student will be removed from a course if it is not completed within 18 months.

Course Prerequisite Policy: Certain courses require the student to have completed a prerequisite course. It is the student's responsibility to provide a copy of an Ontario Student Transcript, Report Card or Credit Counselling Summary showing successful completion of the prerequisite course. This document should be sent to Prerequisite@VirtualHighSchool.com upon registration. A student may register at any time and, upon registration, will have access to the first unit of a course. However, the rest of the content will remain locked until prerequisite evidence has been provided.

If the student has not completed the prerequisite course but has completed an equivalent course outside of Ontario, is a mature student, or has higher-level education, they may be eligible for a prerequisite waiver. The student may request that a prerequisite be waived by submitting a Prerequisite Waiver Application to the VHS Guidance Team prior to registration.

Confidentiality Policy: Please note that VHS may communicate with parents or legal guardians of students under the age of 18. In addition, VHS will communicate with any student's home school and applicable post-secondary institutions or organizations. Students over the age of 18 will receive an email upon registration requesting permission to allow VHS to communicate with third-party individuals.

Through the VHS website, you will have access to third-party organizations, such as Examity and GradeSlam. Only basic information, such as your name and VHS email address, is shared with these organizations for the purpose of accessing and using their services. By accessing the websites or platforms of any third-party organization through the VHS website, you are agreeing to the policies and procedures of that organization.

All policies may be modified at any time at the Virtual High School website. The use of Virtual High School courses indicates that the student and/or parent/guardian accepts these aforementioned policies.

Virtual High School, BSID #665681, is a private school that inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Its OSSD credits are recognized by other high schools in Ontario and around the world as well as universities and colleges around the world. VHS offers fully online, highly interactive high school courses. The content of each course follows its designated curriculum guideline and has been written by teachers acting within their professional disciplines. Our course content covers everything that bricks-and-mortar school courses cover, except that our courses are delivered in a virtual manner. All of our courses are password-protected, ensuring a secure and safe environment for the students. Within this environment, we have created an innovative and comprehensive set of customizable online learning tools to assist students in their learning. Any online learning environment requires diverse course content. With this in mind, Virtual High School offers many features designed to engage students in a stimulating learning environment.