Exceptional Students

Recognizing the needs of exceptional students and designing an online program to respond effectively to these needs is what we do at VHS. After an Identification, Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC) identifies a student as exceptional, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is developed for that student. If the student has an existing IEP, please send a copy of this IEP to VHS upon registration. An IEP may also be prepared for students who are receiving special education programs and services but who have not been identified as exceptional by an IPRC. Such an IEP created by VHS, must be developed with input from the parents and from the student if the student is sixteen years of age or older. This group may include the VHS principal, the VHS teachers, and appropriate VHS special education staff and support personnel.

What does an IEP enable?

An IEP identifies the student’s specific learning expectations and outlines how the school will address these expectations through appropriate accommodations within their online courses. Using the IEP, VHS will implement those capabilities of the system which will be particularly appropriate in meeting the student’s needs.

How does an IEP work?

Assignments and activities within the online courses must take into account the strengths, needs, learning expectations, and accommodations identified in the student’s IEP. Accommodations may include reducing the workload, simplifying tasks and material, and providing more time for learning and the completion of activities. The assistance of other persons and the use of specialized equipment may also be required to accommodate the student’s needs.

What if the student does not have an IEP, but requires accommodations?

In special circumstances, a student may require accommodations to be made in their course. If a student requires accommodations due to reasons not outlined in an IEP, the student will need to submit a note from a consulting physician and/or professional. This document should indicate the accommodations required and the reasons for the accommodations to be made.

Please contact your Guidance Coordinator with any inquiries regarding Exceptional Students.