Make-Up Credits

Make-up Credit
  • What is a make-up credit course?

    A make-up credit course should be viewed as an opportunity for students who have previously completed an OSSD credit in high school, to re-take the course in order to obtain a higher mark.

  • Why would a student take a make-up credit course?

    Taking a make-up credit course allows the student who did not meet the level of success they desired in their course, to have a second chance to reach the level of achievement they desire.

  • What requirements make a student eligible for enrolment into a make-up credit course?

    • The student must have completed the OSSD course and attained a mark of at least 35%. The student must have completed the final exam in the course, where applicable. The student must have taken the OSSD course within the past 12 months. The student must provide VHS with a copy of their report card showing the course.

  • Can a student who dropped the course take the make-up credit course?

    No. Only courses that have been previously completed can be taken again as a make-up credit course.

  • Who decides if a student can take a make-up credit course?

    Participation may be initiated by the student or parent. School guidance counsellors may certainly suggest the option to any student.

  • If a student completed the equivalent course in another province or country, are they eligible to take the course at VHS as a make-up credit?

    No, they cannot retake the course as a make-up credit; instead, they must retake the course as a regular credit. In order to take the course as a make-up credit, the original course must have been an OSSD course.

  • What is the credit value of the make-up credit course?

    The same as the regular credit course.

  • Can students who have already passed a course take a make-up credit course in order to improve their grade?

    Yes. Students who have successfully completed any credit course but need to improve their mark in that course in order to move to the next level of study or to meet their post-secondary education entrance requirements, may take a make-up credit course.

  • What is the nature of a make-up credit course?

    The make-up student is responsible for all of the course content. However, students only have to complete half of the assignments and/or tests normally taken in the regular course. All make-up credit courses will have a final summative assessment task which usually includes a final exam.

    Students completing a regular course for the first time normally take around 110 hours of inclass time in a bricks-and-mortar school. However, because make-up students have done the course before and because make-up students only have to complete half of the assignments, the Ministry expects that make-up students will be able to move through the course in half of the time when compared to a regular student.

  • What are the tuition fees for make-up credit courses?

    The same as the tuition fees for the regular credit courses.

  • How do I register for a make-up credit?

    Just go to the “Register” page and click on the “Register” link opposite the course you wish to register for. During the registration process you will be given an opportunity to indicate whether it is a make-up credit you are registering for.

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