Evoke Learning

Coaching and Tutoring

Virtual High School has partnered with the staff at Evoke Learning to offer academic coaching and tutoring services to students who need extra support to achieve their educational goals. Evoke Learning embraces the whole student, helping each client identify his/her needs and create a plan of action.


Evoke Learning academic coaches can help students set and reach their scholastic and personal goals, develop critical learning skills, organize their material and course work, identify information gaps, stay on task, minimize frustration and stress, develop critical learning skills, and continue effectively at their own pace.

Students taking classes online often benefit from the structural support, goal setting, self-regulation, and guidance that academic coaching provides. High-achieving students who wish to move ahead in their coursework also find coaching indispensable.

Gifted athletes who struggle to balance academic work and athletic achievement can benefit from coaching. No matter how intense a sports schedules may be or where student athletes are competing, players are able to access their courses and academic support online.


Evoke Learning tutors can help students improve grades, move ahead in the curriculum, develop a stronger understanding of course material, strengthen study skills and planning, prepare for tests, meet deadlines and organize their work.

Sessions are flexible and can be held face-to-face in the Evoke offices (Toronto, York Region), in your own home, or online.


Evoke Learning also offers proctoring services for Virtual High School exams. VHS recognizes the professional services offered by Evoke Learning and has approved them as a proctoring service for any VHS exam. Evoke Learning has two offices in the Greater Toronto Area.

For more information, please contact Exams@VirtualHighSchool.com.