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Student Spotlights & Reviews

Our student body is wonderfully unique. Students from around the world, and with various backgrounds, choose VHS for individual reasons. Whether studying at VHS full-time, training for an athletic competition, pursuing acting, travelling with family, or completing extra credits while attending a public school, students come to VHS for their own unique reasons but in need of the same thing: flexibility in education.

We have featured a few student stories and reviews of Virtual High School below. Being an online school, we are always interested in learning more about our students and their stories. If you have a story you would like to share, please contact us!

  • I have loved being a student with Virtual High School and can't wait to continue taking courses that I find interesting. Their website has always been very user friendly, letting you work at your own pace and all the teachers are very open and approachable. I would highly recommend this for an Online Course option.

    - Jess Wylie

  • I have been with Virtual High School for three years and I absolutely love it. I have chosen VHS as my permanent secondary school, and I have found it to be an excellent balance for my lifestyle. I am an avid figure skater. VHS gives me the flexibility to compete and pursue my ambitions further while still receiving a quality education. The teachers are all outstanding and give great feedback that really helps to improve my skills in every subject.

    - Amanda Regan

  • I have been homeschooled since I was five, but began taking Internet courses in grade 11 because I felt that they would provide me with an opportunity to learn from many different teachers, and enable me to receive official credit for my grade 12 courses. The course which I have especially enjoyed was "Studies in Literature" taught by Mr. Smallwood.

    - Kate Lane-Smith

  • I am now a nationally ranked athlete, and VHS has been incredibly helpful in providing flexibility to allow me to maintain my active lifestyle. Since my schooling is often changed from homeschooling, to car/hotel/tent schooling, having the option to be flexible is truly amazing. This flexibility and freedom, combined with knowledgeable and supportive staff, is by far one of the best options for me.

    - Misti Worden

  • The idea of doing school online, I'll admit, sounded a bit strange at first. My sister however, who had already been a student for VHS for two years, showed me the ropes and how the website worked, so I quickly grew accustomed to it.

    - Quin Decent

  • Taking courses through virtual high school has given me the opportunity to study at my own pace, and more importantly on my own schedule.

    - Adele Borer

  • I have been home schooled all my life, and have attended several different online schools. When I enrolled in VHS, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the courses and the teachers. Online learning allowed me to stretch my creative talents and passion for community service in ways I would not have dreamed possible.

    - Brent Emmanuel

  • I have had nothing but wonderful experiences through Virtual High School. Every single one of my teachers has guided me through my courses giving me as much help as I need at any given point. Maintaining strong grades is something that I value greatly, as I plan on studying to become a naturopathic doctor in the future. I can't begin to express my gratitude towards VHS, as it has given me the opportunity and time to thrive in all aspects of my life.

    - Megan Pitre

  • Virtual High School provides each of its students with an environment that encourages us to succeed, and this is what led me to taking a second course here. I did this with the help of the John Smallwood Bursary, which really shows how much the school is devoted to students from all backgrounds. Though I have yet to really get going on MDM4U, I look forward to dipping my feet in an area that I am new to.

    - Charlie Choi

  • Big or small, every interaction can make a profound effect on our lives. Enrolling in a VHS has been a great experience, and my teacher, Ms. De Rosenroll had a lot to do with this experience. She was a phenomenal teacher. Although it may seem like a small thing, but praise and encouragement goes a long way.

    - Daniel Crawford

  • I have really enjoyed VHS throughout my two years. All the teachers have proved to be very helpful and kind. Every question I have asked has been answered with a full explanation, no matter how simple and basic it was Ö VHS has prepared me for university, as it has guided me well as to how to organize my own schedule. Not only has VHS taught me a lot but it has been an extremely fun schooling experience. I actually look forward to start my day with school.

    - Marco Tochijara

  • The understanding and support I have received from Virtual High School has been uplifting, and never-ending. I would like to thank VHS. Not only have they educated me in creative and inspiring ways, but have also taught me about responsibility and time management. If it had not been for their support I would not be on the road to studying Creative Writing and Literature in university today.

    - Emerald Sethna

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