1. Virtual High School

The idea of a Virtual High School began in 1995, when the Virtual High School and the Huron County Board of Education in Ontario (now the Avon-Maitland District School Board) began exploring the concept of offering online courses over the Internet. This pioneering idea forged an insightful partnership among teachers, curriculum writers, content developers and School Board administrators, under the inspired leadership of the now retired Director of Education for A.M.D.S.B., Paul Carroll. The partnership resulted in the offering of the first totally online high school course in Canada - Introductory Biology (SBI3A) in the spring of 1996 and later, Canadian Literature (ELIOA) in the fall of 1996. Eventually, the partnership between AMDSB and the Virtual High School came to an amicable end.

On March 4, 2002, the Ministry of Education and Training of Ontario issued the BSID number, 665681, to the Kitchener-Waterloo Private School designating it as an accredited private school as described in the Education Act of Ontario. The first OSSD credit offered online by the private school occurred on 24 June 2002 for a course in CHC2D. In the summer of 2006, the name of the school was condensed to Virtual High School to reflect what it is that our school is all about.

Virtual High School is a private, asynchronous, online high school offering extremely high quality OSSD online high school courses to students all over the world. In 2015, it had a full-time administrative staff of 35 people in its administrative office in Bayfield, Ontario and a teaching staff of approximately 100 qualified and certified teachers acting as independent contractors. Virtual High School offers over 70 courses in Grade 9-12 for OSSD credit and served about 5800 students in 2015. The student at Virtual High School may start his or her course on any day, proceed through at any pace, and write the final exam on any day.