4. The School

Every student in Ontario is required to remain in secondary school until they reach the age of eighteen or obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Virtual High School aims to provide each student with the opportunity to achieve success according to the student's own interests, abilities and goals. By providing a quality online education within the student's greater educational community, Virtual High School can offer the student more choice in their educational endeavours. While VHS may have changed the form of the school in which this mission is carried out, we have not changed the provision of providing quality education to the student.

4.1 Student - Teacher Interaction

The student from anywhere in the world can interact in meaningful ways with his or her VHS teacher as long as they have an internet connection. A host of communication tools and procedures have been developed by Desire2Learn in order to facilitate this essential communication component of a quality education. These include email, threaded discussions, ePortfolio, assignment DropBox feedback, and testing feedback. A VHS student has many ways of communicating with their teacher and the teacher has many options to communicate information and ideas back to the student.

4.2 Student - Student Interaction

A host of communication tools and procedures have been developed by Desire2Learn within the Brightspace learning management system to facilitate the essential component of student student of a quality education, student student interaction. A student has many ways of communicating with other students in his or her course. These include email, chat, instant messaging, sharing ePortfolio files and threaded discussions. Students may also conveniently interact with active students back through time.

4.3 Student - Administration Interaction

With multiple tools at their disposal, the VHS Principal and his administration may intervene early in managing attendance, proper conduct, and other problems within the various courses. The goal is to ensure that the technology does not become a deterrent to effective learning. Prompt and early intervention solves small problems before they become impediments to the learning process. The student has quick and easy access to the Principal and other staff via the website Contact Us page.

4.4 Student - Resources Interaction

The student has access to quality online courses and can easily view resources to enhance their learning experience. The student will also have access to both career information, which is being built into every course to meet with Ministry Program Consideration expectations, as well as more general career information provided on an 'as-needed' basis.

4.5 Parent - School Interaction

The parents or guardians of students under 18 and the parents, with the permission of adult students, may have access to the student's online course including assessment and evaluation items. If the student does not share the access directly with the parent, the parent can contact the Virtual High School Principal for information or access. This allows the parents to become more involved with the education of their son or daughter. An online, transparent electronic grade books, electronic report cards, online conferencing and direct phone contact with the Virtual High School Principal, also promotes parental involvement.

Periodic news items are posted online at the Virtual High School website on occasion by the school to an area viewable by parents and the broader community. (https://www.virtualhighschool.com/blog/). In addition, students, parents and other educators have left comments concerning VHS with us which have been posted at (https://www.virtualhighschool.com/advantage_vhs.asp).

With Virtual High School, parents have the responsibility and opportunity to work with their son or daughter in the planning of their secondary school education. The final decision of the course selection of students under the age of 18 rests with the parents. All students and their parents should consider seriously the advice and recommendation of the school. The consequences of course selection can be extremely important whether students plan to work, or attend college or university. Detailed courses of study are available at the school website. https://www.virtualhighschool.com/courses/)

4.6 Hardware and Software Requirements

Brightspace is an online Integrated Learning Platform and requires an internet connection to be accessed. In order to login and use the service your browser is required to have JavaScript and Cookies enabled. Furthermore desktops are required to have Adobe Flash Player 10.1, or greater, installed.

Brightspace is supported on the following Internet Browsers*:

Desktop Browser Support:

Browser Supported Browser Version(s) Maintenance Browser Version(s)**
Internet Explorer 10, 11 9
Firefox Latest n/a
Chrome Latest n/a
Safari 6.0 5.1

*Please refer to your specific browsers system requirements to determine the appropriate hardware and software requirements for the browser.

**Maintenance Browser Versions are currently supported, but will lose support in the near future.

Tablet/Mobile Browser/Operating System Support:

Device Operating System Browser Supported Browser Version(s)
Android Android 4 Android Latest
Apple iOS 6, 7, 8 Safari Latest
Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Internet Explorer 11
Blackberry (mobile only) Blackberry 7, 10 Blackberry Latest

Some courses also require the use of additional software that is provided in the course such as Geometer's Sketchpad, Eclipse, Java SDK, Quickbooks, and more. Some courses may require additional hardware such as a camera, microphone or speakers. Please refer to the specific course outline to determine if any additional software or hardware is required or provided in the course.