9. Ontario Student Record (OSR)

The Ontario Student Record (OSR) is the official school record for a student registered in a school in Ontario. Every Ontario school keeps an OSR for each student enrolled at that school. The OSR contains achievement results, credits earned and diploma requirements completed, and other information important to the education of the student. These records are protected by the Education Act and Freedom of Information legislation in the Province of Ontario. If a student is enrolled in Virtual High School as well as another Ontario secondary school, the OSR is held by the school where the student is taking the most courses. VHS will not hold the OSR for students who have already graduated at another school. If the student is currently attending another school - public or private - and is simply taking a single course from the Virtual High School, then that student's OSR will reside at the school that the student is attending and taking the most courses. The Virtual High School establishes or obtains the student OSR only if the student becomes the sole responsibility of the Virtual High School.

9.1 Contents

In the OSR goes:

  • Form 1A
  • Provincial Report Card: VHS will file both the midterm and final report cards in the student's OSR or VHS will send these report cards to the student's school where this OSR is held
  • Ontario School Transcript (OST)
  • Documentation Files for such things as IPRC, IEP, psychological assessments, Violent Incident Form, etc.
  • Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Challenge for Credit: Cumulative Tracking Record
  • Annual Community Involvement Report
  • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test results

Personal information in the OSR is maintained for at least one year after use. Report cards and documentation files are maintained for five years after use. The OSR folder containing the OST and the Office Index Card will be maintained for fifty-five years after a student retires.

9.2 Access

Students and their parents or guardians (if the student is under age 18) may examine the contents of the OSR. Access to the OSR is also granted to the educational personnel from the Ministry of Education.

9.3 Transfer

The OSR is an ongoing record and may be transferred from the Virtual High School if the student transfers to another school. Transfer of all of the original material in the OSR occurs by Priority Post when the Virtual High School receives written request from the receiving school. If a student transfers outside Ontario, then only a copy of the OSR is transferred. When a student retires, the Virtual High School may give the parents a copy of the OSR, if so requested.