10. Ontario Student Transcript (OST)

The Ontario Student Transcript (OST) is an official document maintained by the Ontario school for each student. The OST is stored in the student's Ontario Student Record (OSR) and retained for 55 years after a student retires from school. It is a record of all secondary school course work and diploma requirements. The OST will be issued to students whose OSR is held by VHS as required and upon graduation. In September 1999, the Ontario Ministry of Education instructed that schools in Ontario implement a policy of full disclosure. This policy states that all grade 11 and 12 courses attempted by students must be recorded on Ontario Student Transcripts. Students needing a certified copy of their Ontario Student Transcript from Virtual High School may contact the Administration Head at Virtual High School. If the student is currently attending another school - public or private - and is simply taking a single course from the Virtual High School, then that student's OSR will reside at the school that the student is attending. Where students registered in a publicly funded secondary school, earn a credit or credits with VHS, the principal of the publicly funded secondary school is responsible for ensuring that the Virtual High School credit is recorded on the student's OST. Virtual High School will automatically forward an official copy of the student’s final report card of the course taken at Virtual High School to the student’s school holding the OSR, so that the credit can be added to the OST. The Virtual High School establishes or obtains the student OSR containing the OST, only if the student becomes the sole responsibility of the Virtual High School.

10.1 Withdrawal from a Course

  • Withdrawals occurring within 5 days of the issuing of the first report card from the Virtual High School will result in the mark not being recorded on the OST.
  • A withdrawal from a Grade 11 or 12 course after 5 days of the issuing of the first report card results in a "W" being entered in the "Credit" column of the OST along with the mark at the time of the withdrawal.
  • Withdrawals at anytime from Grade 9 or 10 courses are not recorded on the OST.
  • If there are extraordinary circumstances relating to a student's withdrawal from a course, an "S" may be entered in the "Note" column on the OST.

10.2 Repetition of a Course

  • Only one credit is earned if course is repeated.
  • In Grade 11 and 12, an "R" appears on the student's OST for the course with the lower mark.

10.3 Equivalent Credits

Out of province students or transfers from non-inspected private schools may be granted equivalent credits upon the Principal's evaluation of the student's previous learning.

  • "Equivalent Credits" are entered in the "Course Title" column.
  • "PLE" entered in the "Course Code" column.
  • "EQV" in the "Percentage Grade" column.
  • the total number of credits entered into the "Credit" column.
  • and the number of compulsory credits entered into the "Compulsory" column.