14. Guidance and Career Programs

Virtual High School provides supplementary individual student counseling with respect to course selection and post-secondary planning. By doing so, individual student needs and concerns are met, and appropriate plans can be put into place. In addition, the skills and competencies that students acquire through the guidance and career education program outlined in Ontario's Creating Pathways to Success: An Education and Career/Life Planning Program for Ontario Schools, 2013 will not only help students succeed in school, but will also contribute to their success in the workplace.

Throughout their secondary school education, students in Virtual High School courses will learn about the educational and career opportunities that are available to them; explore and evaluate a variety of those opportunities; relate what they learn in their courses to potential careers in a variety of fields; and learn to make appropriate educational and career choices.

To this end, Virtual High School:

  • supports English Language Learners, when necessary, by providing instructional and assessment accommodations within courses;
  • provides opportunities within the Four Areas of Learning in Education and Career/Life Planning (Knowing Yourself, Exploring Opportunities, Making Decisions and Setting Goals, Achieving Goals and Making Transitions) in all newly revised courses;
  • provides individual assistance and short-term counseling to students, when requested;
  • provides current information on post-secondary programs and admission requirements to all of its college/university bound students;
  • provides the opportunity for Grade 8 students to "Reach Ahead" to Grade 9 courses with the approval of their elementary school principal. This program allows students to explore course options and academic interests early in their high school career;
  • provides access to myBlueprint for all students whose Ontario Student Record is held at Virtual High School. This program allows students to plan their education, review their options for post-secondary programs and assists in the course selection process;
  • communicates directly with the Ontario Universities Application Centre and the Ontario College Application Service regarding student achievement;
  • communicates directly with post-secondary institutions regarding student achievement.