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Accommodations and IEPs

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What Is an IEP?

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is a document that outlines a student’s learning needs and any accommodations or services they require to be successful in their courses. In the Virtual High School learning environment, many of these accommodations may already be addressed through our flexible, online model. However, if a student needs additional support in place, our Guidance Team is ready to help!

Students Who Have Existing IEPs

If a student has an existing IEP from another elementary or secondary school, VHS can implement the listed accommodations if they are applicable within our learning environment. A copy of the student’s IEP will need to be submitted to our Guidance Team.

Students Without IEPs

If a student requires accommodations and does not currently have an IEP, a VHS guidance advisor can work with the student to determine their learning needs and a path forward. The student will need to submit supporting documentation to our Guidance Team.

English Language Learners

Students who enrol at Virtual High School have the opportunity during registration to provide information about their English language learning proficiency. This information is needed to provide our teachers and guidance advisors with the background knowledge they require to establish their teaching strategies and implement accommodations to support students.

Students and parents can submit IEP documentation through our Accommodations Request Form.

Have questions related to accommodations, IEPs, and English language learning support at VHS? Submit an Accommodations and IEPs inquiry to our Contact Us form.

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