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Why Choose Virtual High School?

Discover the VHS Difference

Teenage girl lying on bed in her room and studying. She is using computer to help her for researching.  Evening or night with beautiful yellow lights lightning the scenes.
A tutor on a virtual call with a student.

We Are Supportive

  • Qualified teachers at VHS are trained to teach in an online environment and are available to answer questions daily.
  • We provide all of our students with access to free online tutoring.
  • We offer standard and Fast Track versions of courses to help students meet deadlines and achieve their academic goals.
  • Our guidance and administrative teams are available year-round via telephone, email, and live chat.
  • We recognize and implement accommodations for students with different learning needs.

We Are Flexible

  • Students are given up to 18 months to complete each course.
  • The courses are self-paced with no set deadlines for assessment submission.
  • We provide 24/7 access to course content and assessments.
  • There are no live, synchronized lessons to attend.
  • All final exams are written online with the date, time, and location selected by each student according to their personal schedule.

We Are Student-Centred

  • Our courses are engaging, interactive, and informative.
  • We continuously review course content to keep it current and relevant for our students.
  • Our assessments are varied to encourage student creativity.
  • We monitor our student-teacher ratios to ensure students can receive individualized attention.
  • We create opportunities for exploration and connection through extracurricular activities, workshops, and clubs.

We Are Professional

  • Each course delivers the curriculum expectations outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Education.
  • We grant Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credits.
  • Our courses are written and developed by qualified educators (OCT-certified or its equivalent).
  • We create professional animations, videos, and images with an in-house media team.
  • Our Brightspace® learning environment by D2L provides each student with a secure account.

We’re Here to Help!

  • Complete prerequisites and meet deadlines for post-secondary admission.
  • Repeat a course to improve a final grade.
  • Fast track high school education.
  • Resolve timetable conflicts with a main school.
  • Reach Ahead from elementary school to high school.
  • Study while travelling or living overseas.
  • Earn the OSSD from anywhere in the world.
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Woman working in a school, answering the phone.

Have questions? Looking for more information? Please reach out!