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Online Tutoring

Academic Support at Your Fingertips

Student and tutor in Virtual Classroom session.

How Does the Tutoring Service Work?

We want to see students maximize their success in the courses they take at Virtual High School, which is why we offer free online tutoring! In addition to the feedback provided by the teacher, our tutoring service is designed to offer personalized, prompt answers to questions students may have about topics in the course content.

Our tutoring service is available in two different formats to provide extra flexibility for student learning needs:

Live Chat

Use our secure live chat feature to message back and forth with a tutoring coach during the hours of operation. This is a great way to get help with quick, straightforward questions while students are working on their courses.

Virtual Classroom Meetings

Schedule a 20-minute virtual conference meeting with a tutoring coach. These lengthier sessions give students more time to deal with in-depth questions. Students can also use our handy digital whiteboard feature when referencing visual aids, like charts, diagrams, and equations.

Who Provides the Tutoring?

All tutoring coaches at Virtual High School are subject matter experts who work for our in-house academic team. As a result, they have exclusive access to our course materials so that they can jump into any unit or assessment to see exactly where students need help. The coaches will even be able to view previous assessments and feedback from teachers so that they can help pinpoint areas for improvement to tailor their responses to student questions.

How Do Students Access the Online Tutoring?

The service is available within each course in a student’s Virtual High School account. Once the student has determined which type of format works best for their situation, they can proceed with either starting a live chat session or scheduling a virtual meeting directly from the course.

What Questions Can Students Ask?

Students can ask any questions about concepts taught within their course(s)! For example, “I’m having difficulty understanding which values to substitute into a, b, and c, in the quadratic formula. Can you please help me?”

Questions about Virtual High School’s policies and procedures regarding topics like admissions, exams, and report cards, should be directed to our administrative team.

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