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How it Works

Steps to Success

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How Does It Work?

At Virtual High School, we recognize that no two learners are the same. That’s why students at VHS get to choose when and where to study, when to submit assignments, and when to write their final exams. With certified teachers, interactive course content, free online tutoring, dedicated student support teams, and an outstanding administrative staff, we stay focused on meeting the needs of each student to deliver the best in online secondary education.

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Flexible Timeline

Students may register any day of the year and begin within 24 hours. Each course is completed at the student’s own pace, whether that means finishing quickly or taking advantage of our full 18-month time limit. There are no due dates, so VHS students get to decide when they want to submit assignments or complete tests. 
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Comprehensive Learning

All course content and assessments are available within our secure learning environment. No textbooks required! Our self-paced education model and interactive content offer many integrated accommodations to all of our students in all of our courses. Take advantage of our on-demand assessments, digital tools, accessible multimedia, and flexible course structure. 
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Certified Teacher Support

Students are provided with a qualified teacher who is trained to teach in an online environment and available to answer questions daily. With standard and Fast Track course options available, VHS teachers offer timely feedback and grading to ensure that students meet all of their deadlines. We also offer free online tutoring for all VHS students.
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Online Exams

Final exams can be written on any day of the year at any time of day in any location, so we can accommodate every student’s schedule. Students can even write their exams from the comfort of their own homes with our free online proctoring partner. 
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Direct Reporting

VHS will provide official midterm and final report cards for each course to the student, their main school of registration, and any other requested locations (such as colleges, universities, OCAS, and OUAC). If VHS is a student’s main school of registration, we will update their transcript throughout their time with us.
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