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Student Records

How We Keep Track of Your Success

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There are four important types of documents that students may encounter throughout their time in an Ontario high school.

  • Ontario Secondary School Report Cards: Every student receives a midterm report and a final report in each course they take.
  • Ontario Student Transcript: A transcript is updated with a student’s final grades to record their progress toward earning the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.
  • Ontario Student Record (OSR): An Ontario Student Record contains all relevant documentation from a student’s elementary and high school education.
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD): Every student who successfully meets the Ontario Ministry of Education’s requirements will receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Report Cards

Virtual High School issues an official Ontario Secondary School midterm report card once a student has completed half of their course units in full. An official final report card is issued when a student has completed all units and graded assignments in their course, including their exam or final assessment.

Report cards will be sent directly to the school holding the student’s Ontario Student Record so that they can be added to the record and/or transcript. Students will also receive electronic copies of all of their VHS report cards for their personal record-keeping.

Ontario Student Transcript

A student’s transcript tracks all secondary school courses and other OSSD requirements completed by the individual. We will create and/or update a transcript if a student’s Ontario School Record is held at Virtual High School (i.e., when a student is taking the majority of their courses through VHS or does not attend another Ontario school). If we do not hold a student’s Ontario Student Record, we will work together with the student’s main school to ensure that we communicate about any credits earned at VHS.

Students are welcome to request an official copy of their transcript for no additional fee at any time!

Ontario Student Record

Every student taking a course with Virtual High School must either have an existing Ontario Student Record at their main school of registration or have an OSR created by our Guidance Team. If a student needs to have their OSR transferred to or created by VHS, our Guidance Team will be in contact shortly after registration.

VHS must hold a student’s Ontario Student Record in order to provide the following optional services:

  • Equivalent Credit Assessment
  • OUAC account creation
  • Community involvement activity guidance
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma issuance
  • Ontario Scholar Certificate issuance

Some of these services may require additional administrative fees, but we do our best to make sure that we provide the most cost-effective solutions for our students wherever possible.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma

As a high school inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education, we are authorized to grant Ontario Secondary School Diplomas to students who have completed their requirements at Virtual High School. An OSSD issued by VHS is the same as a diploma issued by any other Ontario public, Catholic, or inspected private school and is recognized by colleges and universities around the world!

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