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A prerequisite is a course that must be completed before a student can proceed to the next level in a subject area. Not all courses at Virtual High School have prerequisites, but it’s important to check each course outline page for any applicable prerequisites before registering. When students enrol in a course at VHS, they will be asked to demonstrate that they have met these prerequisite standards established by the Ontario Ministry of Education.
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Final exams are closed book and completed online using our third-party proctoring partner. This proctoring service is fully integrated into our learning environment so that we can provide a seamless, secure experience for our students. All final exams through the service are recorded and reviewed to ensure academic integrity.
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Student Records

There are four important types of documents that students may encounter throughout their time in an Ontario high school: Ontario Secondary School Report Cards, Ontario Student Transcript, Ontario Student Record, and Ontario Secondary School Diploma.
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A woman celebrating her graduation with her arms up.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma Requirements

What does a student need to do to graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma? Check out our OSSD requirements chart to get started!
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Student is delighted to receive a college acceptance letter. Her guidance counselor is sitting in the foreground.

Post-Secondary Applications

Our Guidance Team is here to walk students through every step of the post-secondary admissions process. Whether students are applying to university or college for the first time, or hoping to transfer from one program to another, we’ve got it covered!
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