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Post-Secondary Applications

Helping You Prepare for Your Future

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Available Post-Secondary Services

Our Guidance Team is here to walk students through every step of the post-secondary admissions process. Whether students are applying to university or college for the first time, or hoping to transfer from one program to another, we’ve got it covered!

Virtual High School can help students:

  • Apply to university through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC)
  • Update Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) accounts
  • Communicate with out-of-province or international academic institutions
  • Send official documentation via courier for tight deadlines

Some of these services may require additional administrative fees, but we do our best to make sure that we provide the most cost-effective solutions for our students wherever possible.


VHS maintains regular contact with OUAC, OCAS, and individual post-secondary institutions based on a student’s progress throughout their course. We will provide updates at three key intervals: a letter of enrolment, a midterm report, and a final report. If a student attends another Ontario high school in addition to VHS, we’ll work together with their guidance counsellor to make sure that their transcript and applications are up to date!

Students are encouraged to share their plans with our Guidance Team early on to ensure that we can work as quickly as possible to help them reach their goals.

Need your grades sent to OUAC, OCAS, or a specific post-secondary institution? Submit a Post-Secondary Request Form today!

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