All students are unique. At Virtual High School, we prioritize recognizing the needs of our students and designing online programs to respond effectively to those needs. Our self-paced model allows students to work at their own pace, ensuring they are able to take the time required to understand key concepts before progressing. Throughout our courses, we have incorporated the following accommodations:

  • Most courses offer ReadSpeakeróa tool that reads the text on the page out loud and highlights the words that are being read.
  • Instruction is differentiated, providing learning materials via text, video, and interactive activities.
  • Where possible, assessments allow students flexibility in the medium or format they use to present their ideas. Students may choose to write a paper, give an oral presentation, or create a visual.
  • Students may also use their own assistive technologies that they have access to and are familiar with using.

Individual Education Plan

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is a document that outlines a student's strengths, weaknesses, learning needs, and any accommodations that are to be made within a course. If the student has an existing IEP, VHS can implement the accommodations that are listed and applicable in our learning environment. Students will need to submit a copy of their IEP to the appropriate Guidance Coordinator to have accommodations implemented in their courses.

How does an IEP work?

Assignments and activities within the online courses must take into account the strengths, needs, learning expectations, and accommodations identified in the studentís IEP. Accommodations throughout the course may include reducing the workload, simplifying tasks and materials, and providing more time for learning and completing activities. Exam and test accommodations may include but are not limited to providing extra time for tests and exams, allowing scribing of answers or reading of questions for exams, allowing a memory aid for exams, allowing breaks during the exams, and not deducting marks for spelling. The assistance of other persons and the use of specialized equipment may also be required to accommodate the studentís needs.

What if the student does not have an existing Individual Education Plan but requires accommodations?

In special circumstances, a student may require that accommodations be made in a particular course. If a student requires accommodations for reasons not outlined in an existing IEP, the student must submit a note from a consulting physician or other qualified professional. This document should indicate which accommodations are recommended for the student and the reason for the accommodations.

Please contact the appropriate guidance coordinator with any inquiries regarding accommodations.