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Mature Students

Empowerment for Adult Learners

Furthering Your Education

At Virtual High School, we understand that everybody’s educational journey is unique, so some students may find that they need to return to high school a little later in life. Our self-paced, online courses provide the perfect solution for busy adults looking for a convenient alternative to in-person night school or adult learning centres. Whether you wish to finish your diploma requirements, earn a prerequisite for college or university, or start a new career, VHS offers the flexibility and unwavering support that you need to pursue your dreams. 

Admission Requirements

Any mature students who have completed applicable prerequisite courses in an Ontario high school after September 1999 can follow our standard prerequisite submission process

Mature students who have taken post-secondary courses in a particular subject area, have relevant work-related experience, or were enrolled in an Ontario high school prior to September 1999 are encouraged to contact information@virtualhighschool.com before registering. Students who have completed prerequisite material that covers topics similar to those included in the Ontario curriculum may be eligible to have waivers for courses that have prerequisites. For courses without prerequisites, students are welcome to register and begin anytime! 

Looking to complete credits without earning the Ontario Secondary School Diploma?

Fill out a Prerequisite Waiver Application. The application and all supporting documentation must be submitted and approved by our Guidance Team before a student can complete the registration process.

Looking to earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma?

Fill out an Equivalent Credit Assessment Application. Successfully completing any level of high school outside of Ontario may enable a student to receive equivalent credits that can count toward the OSSD. After an application has been reviewed, our Guidance Team will provide a detailed list of both the equivalent credits that have been granted and the credits that still need to be completed to fulfil the diploma requirements.

How to Register: Mature Students.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A mature student is at least 18 years of age on or after January 1 of the current calendar year.
  • Of course! In a case where a student has previously graduated from another Ontario high school, we will update that school or school board with midterm and final report cards. The student’s main school or school board will then ensure that any credits earned at VHS are added to the student’s transcript. 
  • Absolutely! Our Guidance Team will work with each student to ensure that they are on track to complete all of the Ontario Ministry of Education graduation requirements in order to earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. 
  • We can provide updates (notification of enrolment, midterm grades, and final grades) to accounts within the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) and the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) for any students applying to post-secondary institutions. VHS will also communicate directly with international and out-of-province colleges and universities when necessary. 

    Visit our Post-Secondary Applications page for more information on how we support students through the entire application process. 

  • A prerequisite is a course that must be completed before a student can proceed to the next level in a subject area. When students enrol in a course at VHS, they will be asked to demonstrate that they have met these prerequisite standards established by the Ontario Ministry of Education by submitting an Ontario Student Transcript, final report card, or credit counselling summary. 

    Prerequisite Waiver Applications may be necessary for any of the following scenarios for mature students: 

    • Attended an Ontario high school prior to September 1999 
    • Never attended an Ontario high school 
    • Completed college or university courses 
    • Has relevant work-related experience 

    Our Guidance Team will review the student’s academic documentation to determine if they have covered topics similar to those included in the Ontario curriculum in the selected subject area. If approved, a student may be granted a waiver to enrol in their chosen course.  

  • Students who plan to earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and wish to receive credits for high school courses completed outside Ontario must submit an Equivalent Credit Assessment Application. This process allows our Guidance Team to appropriately place students into the Ontario education system as seamlessly as possible without having students repeat prerequisite material. Once an Equivalent Credit Assessment has been completed, the expectation is that all remaining OSSD requirements will be fulfilled through an Ontario high school. 

    Without an Equivalent Credit Assessment, any courses that a student has completed outside of the Ontario secondary school curriculum will not count toward the OSSD. 

  • We want to make sure that our students can get started on their courses as soon as possible, so we guarantee that Prerequisite Waiver Applications will be reviewed within 3-5 business days and Equivalent Credit Assessments will be processed within 5-7 business days.  

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