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Reach Ahead

Enrichment for Tomorrow’s Leaders

Youth with headphones writing in notebook in front of a laptop.

Looking to get a jump start on high school?

The Reach Ahead program allows students currently in Grade 8 (or entering the summer before Grade 9) to take up to two secondary school credits with approval from the VHS team and the student’s main school of registration. This option is ideal for students who thrive at independent learning, require flexible schedules, and are eager to learn!

How can the Reach Ahead program help students?

  • Many students simply aren’t challenged by their current classroom in a particular subject area anymore. They need more advanced material to feed their curiosity and motivate themselves to develop new skills and knowledge.
  • Some students might want to spread out their Grade 9 credits over a greater period of time due to other commitments. This group of students might include high performance athletes or competitors, students travelling with their families, or even those who would just prefer to move more quickly to other electives once the compulsory credits are out of the way. 
  • Students transferring to Grade 9 from other countries or provinces can enrol to help familiarize themselves with Ontario secondary school learning before arriving in person in September.
  • VHS courses provide students with the opportunity to take their first school exams in a flexible and individual format. They can take the exams whenever and wherever they choose.
  • The Ontario Ministry of Education requires students to complete a minimum of two online credits in order to earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Since all VHS courses meet the criteria for these mandatory online credits, students will find greater flexibility in both timing and course selection!
  • Families and students can determine in advance if virtual learning is their preferred model for all of high school before beginning at a bricks-and-mortar school.

Students who wish to apply to Reach Ahead must complete and submit an enrolment request to waivers@virtualhighschool.com for review. Approval from VHS is required prior to registration.

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