Virtual High School is excited to announce the launch of a new version of HHS4C, Families in Canada, Grade 12, College Preparation. This course focuses on understanding individual development from adolescence to adulthood, relationships in the family, the development of intimate relationships, and parenting and child rearing. The introductory unit focuses on the history, evolution, and … Read More

Bursary Deadline Approaching

The John Smallwood Bursary makes VHS courses accessible to deserving students by offering the full tuition cost of one VHS course to a student who is economically disadvantaged. The bursary is awarded in January, March, May, July, September, and November of each year. Students must apply for the bursary by the 15th of the awarding month … Read More

What Should I Do After High School?

It’s October, and most students are well into their new school year. For graduating students, it’s time to start thinking about life after high school. What career is right for you? Will you further your education in a post-secondary institution, begin an apprenticeship, take a year off school, or jump right into the workforce? These … Read More

World Teacher’s Day

We celebrate World Teacher’s Day on October 5 each year to recognize the commitment teachers make to educating students around the world. At VHS, our highly qualified teachers provide excellent student support and are a vital part of an overall positive student experience. It might interest you to know that our curriculum coordinators, department heads, course writers, and content … Read More

Meet Maddy Hearne, a VHS student who is one of the Youth Ambassadors with the Dear Everybody campaign. Dear Everybody is raising the voices of kids and young adults with disabilities to share information, raise awareness, and educate people on how to treat individuals with disabilities.  “The minute we judge and tell someone they cannot do something … Read More

Meet William Wallace, a new teacher at VHS who is currently teaching ENG4U, ENG1D, and EMS3O. Though Mr. Wallace is a recent addition to our teaching team, he has been teaching high school students for just shy of 15 years. He has taught with both the Toronto and Peel District School Boards. He primarily teaches English; however, … Read More

Polar Expressions Publishing is holding its 12th annual Short Story and Poetry contests for students.    Polar Expressions does not charge an entry fee and offers great prizes to students from different grade levels (Kindergarten to Grade 12) for their entries. If your work is selected, it will be published in a collection in early June.  The … Read More

Above photo by Chad Kirvan. Meet Gregory Lewis, a Virtual High School alumnus who completed several courses with us during his secondary school years when he consistently performed at the top of his class. He was the recipient of the Julie O’Rourke Scholarship in 2013 when he was beginning his undergraduate degree in Violin Performance. Gregory has since completed his undergraduate … Read More

The Science of Coffee

One of the main ingredients in coffee is caffeine, the most widely consumed, legal, psychoactive drug in the world. Unlike other drugs, caffeine is not considered to be addictive. However, regular coffee drinkers often report symptoms of withdrawal like headache, irritability, and muscle pain for a day or two after giving up the drink “cold turkey.” This … Read More

Run4Kids 2017 Recap

On Sunday, September 3rd over 120 runners/walkers, over 35 volunteers, and many spectators joined us in Bayfield to support Aiden, a 14-year-old boy from Middlesex County who has a cardiac condition. Aiden is a Wish Child with Make-A-Wish Southwestern Ontario whose wish the be the Prime Minister of Canada! Donations are still coming in, so … Read More