In late 2016, we encouraged our students to enter a short story writing contest put on by Polar Expressions Publishing, and are happy to receive news that six Virtual High School students have, out of thousands of entries, made it through the first round of the contest. Our students’ work will be sent on to compete in the next round should the writers decide to continue. Their stories will be published and available in Polar Expression Publishing’s annual anthology which will be available this spring.

Congratulations to the following VHS students:

Rama El-Hassanein
“The Caterpillar” 

Cara Slade

Gabriella M.
“The Voice” 

Marco Turner
“The Wrong Colour” 

Gracie Xia
“Another Day”

Christopher Ross-Macias
“The Sound of Blue”

Polar Expressions Publishing is dedicated to creating books that present the best poems and short stories written by Canadians of every background and occupation. As an ethical publishing company, no entry fees are charged. All hard-copy texts are printed on recycled papers and have been since 2008.

Editors at Polar Expressions publish between 25 – 50% of the work they receive, and the organization sells the volumes at reasonable prices. We encourage you to visit Polar’s website at www.polarexpressions.ca and perhaps even enter one of their literary competitions as our six students successfully did. Write on!