In order to make informed political decisions, students need to have the skills and knowledge required for deciphering the political contexts that surround them. Our new Canadian and International Politics (CPW4U) course gives students the opportunity to analyze current political matters from a number of different vantage points. Students will explore political decision-making and ways that citizens, stakeholders, governments, corporations, and non-governmental organizations work to address domestic and international issues.

Students are guided through theoretical frameworks of political philosophy before developing an understanding of how different political bodies and institutions are organized. From there, students explore intersections of culture and politics and how socio-political contexts influence relations between different nations.


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Throughout the course, students will fine-tune practical life skills through the assessments and activities they complete. Students engage in the sorts of tasks that real-world geographers, policymakers, activists, and organizations regularly carry out. Students might find themselves imagining that they are part of a United Nations agency or a government organization. As such, they are tasked with analyzing political issues and applying their knowledge to draft policies, reports, and recommendations that governments and organizations can act upon. Students also have the opportunity to explore their creative capacities. They might write magazine articles or construct infographics to help raise awareness about political issues they are especially passionate about.

One of the most important takeaways from the course is the chance to develop a familiarity with the tools and strategies used for effective political engagement and influence. Students should develop a clear idea of how they can affect change as an active, engaged, and informed citizen. They are encouraged to apply new skills and knowledge as they explore several contemporary world issues.

The course concludes with a summary of the global politics that are critical for modern times. Students are encouraged to make connections between geography, economics, globalization, political power, dispute resolution, and human rights concerns. The Canadian and International Politics course is a great way to prepare students for success in an interconnected and ever-changing world.


Take a sneak peek at a video from CPW4U: Canadian and International Politics.