Virtual High School (VHS) and Virtual Elementary School (VES) are online schools located in Bayfield, Ontario. VHS’s office is home to administration and content development for both schools, while all of the teachers work remotely. The schools offer excellent opportunities for teacher candidates in VHS and VES, both of which  offer high-quality online courses to students living around the world. As a private online high school, VHS offers Ontario Secondary School Diploma credits under the BSID# 665681. Since no credits are issued at the elementary level, VES provides superior content that serves as a homeschooling resource or as supplemental material for students. Students may register on any day of the year and progress through the courses at their own pace. All courses are entirely online, including the final exams.

Over 40 trained professionals work at the VHS/VES office, and all strive to make the online learning experience optimal for over 6000 students. Many of VHS/VES’s staff are qualified Ontario teachers who work in different areas to support the overall goal of providing excellent educational experiences. For example, the content development team is responsible for course writing, course development, and curriculum design. The administrative team oversees all school administration procedures, including student registration, exam facilitation, guidance, reporting, and record keeping. The multimedia department develops all of our course videos and other media assets.

VHS and VES are offering excellent placement opportunities that will introduce teacher candidates to the exciting world of online education. Teacher candidates will be involved in course design and will develop online learning practices which are becoming increasingly prominent in modern education. Teacher candidates will gain an understanding of online pedagogy and effective online course design, including HTML coding. Gaining experience in the private sector and within school administration operations has also proven to be an excellent learning opportunity that teacher candidates may not have experienced thus far in their careers.

Additionally, VHS and VES are housed in Brightspace by D2L which is the platform that many public and Catholic school boards use to present their online learning resources. Developing skills and an understanding of this platform will be of great benefit to teacher candidates.

A Teacher Candidate Success Story: Lindsay

Lindsay joined us for her placement in early 2015. Today, she continues to work with us part-time while supply teaching with the Thames Valley District School Board. Learn more about Lindsay’s experience with us below:

Lindsay, Ontario Certified Teacher

During my four week placement at Virtual High School, I dove into learning about effective online learning and used it to create new and exciting lessons for students. I was able to apply skills that I had learned in university regarding effective lesson planning and student engagement. I then adapted these skills to online learning. I also learned to use HTML coding to create interactive and exciting lesson pages for students. I was able to work in the math, English, and science departments where I created lessons, designed tutorials, and marked assignments. While at Virtual High School, I was encouraged to learn in areas where I had had no previous experience, such as creating pages using HTML. The staff were more than willing to help me learn how to code and to create pages instead of having me simply write the lesson and then developing the pages themselves. I was able to learn and enhance my own personal skills with their help which I really appreciated.

I have been given the chance to see how online learning occurs at different levels within the school, from content development to teaching in online schools. I have gained a new appreciation for online learning and all of the benefits it provides. I now also understand the importance of online learning and how it is becoming a more popular option for students.

Virtual High School strives to create a personal and unique learning experience in which students do not feel as if they are spending all of their time reading lessons and taking tests. VHS’s online courses provide students with new and inventive ways to enjoy a more interactive experience. I am thoroughly enjoying my time with Virtual High School as it definitely allows me to add to my experience as a young teacher.

Here are a few examples of Lindsay’s work for VHS/VES:

Here is an example of Lindsay’s content creation. Lindsay wrote this poem for our grade 8 Language course at VES to demonstrate how to write an acrostic poem. The Before, During, and After notes on the left side provide guidelines to the student for writing an acrostic poem.
This is part of an activity on a lesson page designed for a blended learning environment. Lindsay wrote and designed this activity.
This is a screenshot of one the course pages that Lindsay helped design. Using HTML coding, Lindsay formatted the text, image, activity box, and more.

 Contact your Placement Coordinator to find out how VHS and VES can fit into your placement requirements.