Students who wish to earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) must meet the provincial secondary school literacy requirement. The literacy requirement can be met two ways:

  • Successful completion of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT)


  • Successful completion the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OLC4O)

The OSSLT can be a challenging requirement of earning the OSSD. VHS offers OLC4O as an alternative means of meeting the provincial literacy requirement for students who have been unsuccessful on the literacy test.

Eligibility and Outcome

For students to be eligible to take OLC4O they must have had at least two opportunities to write the OSSLT and have been unsuccessful at least once. When a student earns an OLC4O credit, it will meet the provincial literacy requirement for their OSSD.



Course Content

Virtual High School’s OLC4O course guides and supports students as they learn to read and write different types of texts. Our flexible, self-paced model allows students to work at their own pace with many chances to practice and receive feedback to strengthen their literacy skills. Regular graded assignments and a two-part final assessment increase student confidence as they work toward successfully meeting their OSSD literacy requirement.

Student Support

Virtual High School understands that every student is best supported in different ways. That is why VHS offers the additional support of free online tutoring and a built-in text-to-speech tool called ReadSpeaker. Students can use these additional supports as needed.

To learn more about our literacy course, visit the OLC4O course outline.

To learn more about writing the OSSLT, visit our Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test page.