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You Had Me at Bonjour: Grade 10 French

The long-awaited Grade 10 French (FSF2D) course is here! Finalement! In this brand-new course, you will explore parts of The Wormworld Saga story. As you read through the graphic novel, you will be taken to a world of fantasy, but you will also be learning about the author’s use of various features and elements. In … Read More

Grade 9 Mathematics, MTH1W, has been reinvented into a math course unlike any other high school math course! This might make you uneasy, and you might be wondering, “Should math change?” These sentiments are understandable; math is based on unchanging principles that have been part of our history for hundreds of years. However, the ways … Read More

Virtual High School is pleased to announce the launch of the revised edition of College Physics, SPH4C. Our writers and developers have been working on this course for over two years, improving the student experience and adding interactive activities. SPH4C will develop your understanding of the basic concepts of physics. You will explore concepts like … Read More