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Summer School Your Way

Are you worried that summer school is going to hinder your summer plans? Do you think taking courses over the summer is going to prevent you from getting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather? What if there were a way to further your education and still enjoy your summer holidays? There are many reasons why … Read More

Educational programs provide great opportunities for students to gain experience and enrichment outside of school. At VHS, we encourage students to explore these opportunities and take advantage of the benefits they can have on their lives and education. Many program application deadlines for the spring and summer are quickly approaching, so we encourage all students … Read More

Why Are Mosquito Bites Itchy?

As Canadians know, summer months bring the warmth and light that allow many of us to enjoy our vast wilderness playground. Unfortunately, enjoying the outdoors also means risking numerous bites from swarms of blood-hungry mosquitoes that seem to target us as soon us we step outside. Have you ever wondered about the science behind the mosquito … Read More