Virtual High School has recently collaborated with ChatterHigh to support our students in their exploration of potential career paths. Every VHS student now has access to the free ChatterHigh platform, so we recommend that you try it out!

How Does ChatterHigh Work?

Founded in 2009 by Lee Taal, ChatterHigh’s purpose is to motivate students to learn a little bit about all careers—the traditional, the cutting edge, the quirky, and the obscure. ChatterHigh is a quiz tool that encourages users to research reliable resources and answer questions about different careers.

By completing the daily 10-question quizzes, you can earn points which can be exchanged for rewards for yourself, your school, or a charity. Each question requires you to explore websites hosted by workplaces and educational institutions in order to locate the answer. The more quizzes you complete, the better the platform is able to understand your preferences, strengths, and potential career paths. Once you have completed a certain number of quiz questions, ChatterHigh provides individualized suggestions for post-secondary education programs that support your possible career interests. You’ll be able to build your own profile that highlights the programs that captured your attention, specific careers that correspond to those programs, and any colleges and universities that stood out to you.

The gamified nature of ChatterHigh affords students the opportunity to earn points to elevate their school on the leaderboard in national, regional, or sponsored competitions. The current national competition, Let’s Talk Careers!, offers up to $25,000 CAD in prize money for students and schools! It only runs until May 21, so be sure to jump in and get started as soon as possible.

Check out this video on how to set up your very own ChatterHigh account today!



If you need some assistance with your account or want to talk about your post-secondary options, please reach out to Guidance2@virtualhighschool.com. We can’t wait to hear about your adventures with ChatterHigh!