Making a Plan

How many times have you heard, “you need a plan”?  Having a plan sets you up for success, but even better yet is to make your own plan. 


Likely up until now, teachers, parents, coaches, etc. have been setting deadlines and due dates for you. If you attend a bricks-and-mortar school, the timelines are set. There is ongoing homework, weekly quizzes, end-of-semester exams, and so on. Whether you are planning to enter the workforce or continue your studies, you need to know how to make your own plan. Your college or university professors are not going to do that for you, nor is your manager at work. You will receive a project due date, but not a plan for accomplishing the task. Before you know it, you are going to need to make your own plan.

VHS provides you with an excellent opportunity to practice. The first step is to decide on a completion date for each of your courses. The next step is to map out a plan of action. Teachers are often willing to help you map out timelines for lessons, assignments, and modules, but setting your own plan is a great opportunity to practice this skill.  

Tips for Making a Plan

Remember, there is no perfect plan! Agonizing over what might be best can immobilize you. The circumstances of life may require ongoing plan modifications. That is part of the process. Strategic plans, excel-organized charts, and fancy calendars are excellent, but not if you don’t use them. Here’s a simple and effective way to make a plan:

  1. Write down the end date.
  2. List all tasks (i.e. assignments, quizzes, tests).
  3. Assign a due date to each.
  4. Enter the due dates on your calendar.
  5. Start!

Make yourself accountable by sharing your plan. Share it with a teacher, a parent, a friend. Choose someone who will support you in your goals.

No one likes to be dropped into the water and told sink or swim. Start now by adding planning to your skill set. When you move on to the next stage of learning, work, and life, set yourself up to swim, not sink. Remember it’s not real until it’s in the calendar. Good luck with your plan.




Linda Jones is a teacher in The Arts department at Virtual High School. She enjoys teaching music online and says that the technology available today is what makes learning and teaching music online so effective. Learn more about Ms. Jones here.