Virtual High School is pleased to announce the launch of an updated version of BTT1O/2O, Information and Communication Technology in Business. This course features brand-new content presented in a fresh, new style. As we continue to launch and relaunch courses at VHS, all courses will be updated with this new style.

In this course, students are introduced to information and communication technology in a business environment. Students will build the foundation of digital literacy skills necessary for success in today’s technologically driven society. The course was completely rewritten to update the content and make it truly relevant today.

Course Highlights
  • Learning about the parts of a computer, networking, graphical user interfaces, and storage options as well as ergonomics and health while using a computer
  • Exploring different forms of communication, such as creating emails and writing appropriate messages, and ethics in the workplace
  • Learning about the internet and its development over time
  • Learning the traits of effective website design
  • Learning the basics of graphic design principles to create effective advertising
  • Learning how to use word processors, spreadsheet software, and database software to create effective and useful business documents
  • Learning the ins and outs of privacy and security in ICT, such as the threats businesses face and solutions to keep employees and employers safe from such threats
  • Exploring case studies on how limited access to ICT affects the success of businesses and industries in certain communities
  • Exploring the skills and competencies of a variety of careers in ICT and the pathways to obtain these positions
Screenshots from BTT1O/2O
New Features
  • The features, layouts, and interactive elements have been completely redesigned.
  • The content was restructured to be more practical and hands-on with many examples throughout.
  • By the end of the course, students will have new skills and a portfolio of work that they can use to help them achieve their future career goals.
  • There are more opportunities for feedback and self-assessment, including new discussions, interactive self-check quizzes, and assessments designed for students to receive meaningful teacher feedback.
  • There are built-in opportunities to review and revise assignments after receiving teacher and peer feedback.
  • All media is newly created, including videos, images, and illustrations that are meaningful and customized for teaching course content.
  • The course includes all-new rubrics and assessment tools.
Future Studies

Students who enjoy this course might be inspired to pursue future studies in areas such as network administration, office administration, system administration, web development, database analytics, accounting, and marketing.