New Course: ENG4U – English

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  • on January 18, 2018.

Course writers, developers, and teachers have been working over the past several months on a new version of the already popular ENG4U course. This course fulfills the grade 12 English requirement of students earning their OSSDs and is excellent preparation for virtually all disciplines that students might study at colleges and universities. Professors and leaders in the workplace continually emphasize that their students and employees must write well, and the writing required of students in ENG4U enables them to proceed, confident that their writing, reading, and listening skills will enable them to excel regardless of the setting after graduation.

Students will study four units in this course:  

  • In the Oral Communication Unit, students will practise active listening and note-taking, and they will learn about, analyze, and apply presentation skills.
  • In the Media Awareness Unit, students will analyze media and learn study the critical media theories of Noam Chomsky while looking at political bias in media. 
  • In the Novel Study Unit, students choose between Nineteen Eighty-Four and Mr. Pip. Both novels raise questions about the way power, voice, and language shape history and our experience of the world.
  • In the Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Unit, students will read and study Hamlet. They will examine the relationships and the characters that Shakespeare carefully creates. 
Screenshots from ENG4U. Visit the demo course to preview a lesson from this course.

New In This Edition

The new version of ENG4U has completely revamped the assessment component of the course to focus on quality over quantity. The course also includes new essay topics as recommend by VHS’s teachers, and students must successfully complete an Essay Skills Quiz prior to attempting any longer writing assignments. This quiz deals with topics such as thesis development, essay organization, and research methods. Requiring that all students take this quiz should enable them to work on the longer pieces with prior knowledge of how more complex prose assignments should be written, ultimately leading to greater student success. 

With the new emphasis in universities on concision and clarity in undergrad writing, students in ENG4U will be well-prepared for the projects, essays, and other assignments that they will be required to produce after graduating from VHS. 

Prerequisite & Future Studies

Students who have successfully completed ENG3U are eligible to enroll in ENG4U. Students who enjoy ENG4U may ultimately be inspired to study and work in journalism, publishing, teaching, editing, advertising—and the list goes on, indefinitely. ENG4U’s varied assignments in media, video presentations and longer writing pieces, afford students the best experiences in communicating in a variety of mediums.