New Virtual High School Home

building01 Virtual High School has been located for the past five years in a private residence in the small village of Bayfield, Ontario. However, on 2 February 2012, the staff of the school moved into their new Virtual High School Administrative Building, located on 27 Main Street North in Bayfield. The building had been under construction for most of 2011. The Bluewater Heritage Committee will be honouring Virtual High School on February 26 during Ontario Heritage Week for their achievements in the reconstruction of the Bayfield heritage building, formerly known as the Ritz Hotel.

building03I think it would be a safe bet to state that all the administrative and academic staff absolutely love their new office. The 251 m2 (8100 ft2) building is designed with an open concept so that the admin and academic staffs can efficiently communicate with each other to the benefit of students. All of the school’s phone numbers will remain the same. The mailing address will eventually change, but for now it will remain 18 Harbour Court, Bayfield, Ontario N0M 1G0.

Quality curricula, good teachers, and an efficient school admin are essential components that enable a student’s positive school experience. However, the vital ingredient in the milieu is warmth. Students often get themselves into difficult situations which can negatively affect their plans for their schooling. The flexibility of Virtual High School provides these students with potential pathways to success. In contrast to mega schools in mega school boards, the VHS online classrooms, office efficiencies, and organizational structure consistently place the student at the center of the school.

Allowing students to start their course on any day in the calendar year, to progress through the courses in their own way, to move through their courses at their own pace, to decide when they will hand in their assignments and write their unit tests, and to write their proctored final exams at a date, time and place of their own choosing, represents the pinnacle of flexibility in modern education.