November’s character trait is perseverance. During November we reflect on the perseverance of those who came before us. It is also a time when the seasons are shifting, the days are getting shorter and we may be losing some of the motivation we’ve felt in the past months. In this important time of year, stay focused and determined to reach the goals you’ve set earlier in the year.Perseverance

Practice perseverance in the following ways:

  • Determine where you are going and what you are trying to achieve so you have a clear direction if things become difficult.
  • If you’re working towards a deadline, make sure that your goal is realistic. If it is unrealistic, consider what is manageable, and adjust your expectations.
  • If you feel overwhelmed, start small and work towards achieving the smaller parts that make up the larger whole. Rather than worrying about completing an entire course, focus on completing one unit or even one lesson.
  • Approach problems that come up with a positive attitude. If you receive feedback you were not expecting on an assessment FOR, look at the instructions as an opportunity to improve.
  • When you hit a road block, take a moment to reflect. Shift direction or find a way to overcome the problem. Keep the end goal in mind.
  • Know that you can achieve your goal if you work hard. The time and effort you put into your assignments will be reflected in the growth you make as well as in the grades you achieve.
  • Understand that road blocks and failure can provide learning experiences and that they often play a role in achieving any worthwhile goal.

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