news_item_jul2011There are times at VHS when certain aspects of the course do not match student expectations. When this happens, VHS receives complaints from both students and parents – and rightly so. We want to know when things are not proceeding smoothly, so we can fix it.

We facilitate the complaint process by proving a helpdesk within the ClassList of all courses to easily enable students to send us such complaints. We also publish all of our administration email addresses and phone numbers so that students, or their parents, can contact us easily.

Mr. McLaren writes to us on 11 July 2011:

“You assisted my elder daughter (Karyna) 2 years ago to achieve an 85% in a Grade 12 math course. She is now entering her 3rd year business degree averaging above 85% and just completed 4 credits at Parsons School of Design in NYC. In part, I firmly believe Virtual High School has played an important part in this success.

Once again I am reaching out to your services on behalf of my 2nd daughter Sonya, now registered for the Grade 11 ENG3U. Sonya is taking this course to free a period in her coming grade 11 year. She is a competitive full time dancer with weekly studio times exceeding 35 hours a week, this will allow for added study time on the balance of her course load. Sonya completed both grade 9 and 10 as an honours student and we want to support both her high school, dance professional ambitions. In addition to this course, she attends the American Academy of Ballet this August.

If you have any questions I invite your call and thank you and your team for what you do.”