While staff and friends can attest to our principal’s unmatched skills in crokinole, table tennis, curling, kayaking, and cycling, few are aware that Mr. Baker is an avid and extremely accomplished croquet player.

Mr. Baker has been declared by Croquet Canada as the Player of the Year in Canada in the blue division, and this after only three years on the lawns.

While few clearly understand the nuances of the game, it does require a tremendous amount of concentration, practice, and knowledge, and we are extremely happy to hear of this outcome. Mr. Baker has also agreed to begin coaching sessions in the spring for interested VHS staff members in Bayfield.

Later this week, Mr. Baker will be going to Palm Springs to compete in a tournament and play among some of the distinguished players in the world.

Congratulations, Mr. Baker, from your friends and staff at VHS, and good luck at the Mission Hills Croquet Club in Palm Springs, California.

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Don Oakley, Stephen Baker, and John Erb photographed at the 1st Annual Bayfield International Croquet Club Open Tournament in August 2015. Mr. Baker placed first in the blue division.
  • Tony Stecca

    Congratulations, Mr. Baker! Best of luck at the tournament in California.