cv-innovationThe STEAM Horizon Awards invite Canadian youth to promote changes in their communities by working within the following disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM). Five winners will be selected for a $25,000 prize, will be invited to Ottawa during Science Odyssey Week, and will be recognized at the Foundation’s award ceremony in May 2018.

The recipients of these awards will have made formal or informal achievements in a STEAM field. Formal achievements may include winning at a science fair or having a patented invention, for example. Informal achievements may include founding a local club in a STEAM field or creating a local art installation, among others. The judges want to see that the achievements will make a positive impact on the community. The judges will also be looking for youth who have the potential to inspire others and to create a better world for future generations. For more information on what judges will be looking for, visit www.steamhorizonawards.ca.

The Award 

Five winners will receive $25,000 each for their post-secondary education.


Applicants must

  • be a Canadian citizen (or permanent resident of Canada)
  • be 16-18 years of age
  • be recognized for STEAM-related accomplishments (formally or informally)
  • have a minimum academic average of 85%
  • be preparing to enroll in post-secondary in the fall of 2018, or be currently enrolled in their first year of post-secondary education (Note: The program must be in a STEAM field in Canada).


Visit www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca for more information. Applications are due January 16, 2018